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Ceiling Leak in Gearen Laboratory!

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Someone call Jan! He needs to know this! I am standing within Neo Gearen's pokemon lab, and it is raining. The Chansey is soaked! I need to use the PC, but I'm leery about turning it on with this downpour! The Nurse Joy and Staff act like this is totally normal!


All joking aside this is a weird weather bug. Just thought I'd mention it...


Currently in V13, and I have just


reached Gearen's rematch in Saki's Gym. He is beating me. So Imma go train some new mons. But imagine my surprise to learn that, apparently, the Laboratory is so derelict that it is letting rain in through the roof! Seriously!? Did Jan, Zumi and that Adrienne xellow not bother to renovate the place? Someone contact the repairmen! 


I have not seen any other bugs like this so far, that I can tell. But I am only just now exploring Flora extensively. Hopefully I will not encounter any more issues. I do notice that trainers on Route 4 are fighting me "again", despite that I clearly beat them all waaaay back. This is my first save file, so I know I did it in this particular one... I guess this is really a minor bug. But it is present. And funny.


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