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Just beat teka and tangrowth and is feeling quite difficult. Feels like something is missing in my team. Can someone please give advice? Ill take anything


Ivysaur /lvl 29 /Lonely /overgrow

-Razor leaf - Sleep powder - leech seed -growth


Zebstrika /lvl 30 /Naive /Sap sipper

-Charge beam -Flame charge -Spark

-Thunder wave 


Growlithe /lvl 29 /Flash fire /Adamant 

-Bite -Reversal -close combat                      -Flameburst 


Meowstic (M)/lvl 31 /Prankster /Brave

-Psyshock -Fakeout -Covet

     - Disarming voice


Wartortle /Impish /lvl 29 /Rain dish

-Water pulse -aura sphere

-dragon pulse -water spout


Hariyama /Mild /lvl 29 /Guts

-knock off -Sand attack -Vital throw 

 -Fake out

 I also have a spheal and a rioulu



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Well you don't cover a lot of type weaknesses and you don't have anything like a setup.... So my advice would be, focus on type Coverage and something like a strategie behind your team.


Like: Having a mon with rain dance and another with swift swim, so you have a speed advantage and your water base moves make more dmg. Stuff like that :)


If you want, I could trade you some mons, but that would make it easier for you, and it is most likely not as much as an enjoyment. You could rather use the "On the hunt" guide in the forum, to hunt down specific mons.


Your types:

- Grass

- Poison

- Electric

- Fire

- psychic

- Water

- Fighting

 and If you use spheal or rioulu

- Ice

- Steel (if it will evloves into Lucario)


So you only have 7 types in your team, out of 18, and even those, do not have some of their type cover attacks, like Ivysaur (no poison). Also Ivysaur is the only one with a stat boosting move (on some fields, their effect is doubled). It is good, if you have more of those. 


Also IV/EV training is rather important in reborn. Additionally it is good, to know the field effects and their pros and cons and how to counter them, like with field destorying moves like earthquake or so.


Perhaps I forgot some stuff, but yeah, 

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Your team is pretty good. As Jace3 said, EV training is pretty important. I see you have a Meowstic M, teach it double screens with light clay as the item (can be found from mining and also from the department store if you collect stickers, which you should). Lucario learns calm mind via level up if you want for a boosting move. Growlithe will take a while to get it's best moves, but Arcanine is a good mon that deserves the wait. Like many people who play pokemon reborn, I use rotating pokemon according to the gym leaders, meaning I have trained more than a team of six. You might want a pokemon that creates a terrain to deny some gym leaders the use of their broken terrains. I use Magnezone with eletric terrain for that, but you can use a variety of mons, like Vivillon with gust for the upcoming Corey fight. 

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