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Are you doing a monotype run? Gardevoir wouldn’t help much since psychic is weak to bug. A good counter for her though are either Swift Swimmers like Seaking, Floatzel, and Lumineon to abuse the field right back; or Castform to counter her rain with Sunny Day and get a Rainbow field up.


With that in place you can use special attacking Normal moves from Lourded and Castform’s Weather ball to solid effect. With some shard you can also teach your starter one of the pledge moves, which get a bonus on the field.


Half her team is also flying or water types as well, so you can use that off of Manetric or Luxray.


Some good flying types you can find there’s Fearow (hold off evolving Spearow to 36, then delevel to get drill peck) Pidgeot, and Dodrio (pull the same trick as on Spearow to get Swords Dance I believe.)

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