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unlock blackview sky tower?

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so im in blackview city and im looking to register for the tournament, but the building with the black triangle, labeled blackview sky tower, is locked. it doesnt appear to be locked at any point in the 100% guide, so im just wondering what the deal is? are there certain prerequisites that will unlock the tower? is there a key you need?


run info:
- i currently have 3 badges
- as far as keys go, i have the brass key, dull key, gate key, odd key, and shiny key

- i have the blue piece, red piece, green piece, and yellow piece
- all ranger quests up through blackview city are complete

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Holy moly I never noticed until now but there are TWO black buildings in D2


Yeah, you want to try the other one, not the sky tower. the sky tower will open up later in the game.


I'll edit the guide to include this precision !

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