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Sayar's creative writing thread

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So i have renamed this topic becuz i decided that i'll post all my reborn and rejuvenation related cw in here

I do a lot of writing so that's why I'm gonna use it as my 

I made a couple of Field-Effects

(Fan-made, duh!)

I have currently made two

Hexed Field



Moonlit Field



Feel free to leave feedback😀


I'm currently working on another field effect

Disco field with matching team




Here's the link to my ongoing fanfic. It's quite large so it deserves another post


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  • sayar changed the title to Sayar's creative writing thread

This here is my experience with samson on my playthrough of reborn, it was the first easy battle i had in the game




As Sayar, took his place opposite Samson, he could feel his heart drumming, he was prepared, but Samson was known to be tough.

The ringmaster announced the start of the battle.

And Samson sent out his first Pokémon, a Hariyama.

Sayar sent out his Delphox. Psychic easily took it out, but Lucario was next, it went for Meteor Mash which got a high roll due to the Big Top. Delphox managed to hang on, and went for Flamethrower which luckily got a burn and took out the Lucario.

However, the next Pokemon, Mienshao, took out Delphox. Sayar then sent out his ace for the battle, Talonflame.

Talonflame went for Acrobatics and took out three of Samson's Pokemon in a row. Mienshao, Hawlucha, and Blaziken all went down to Acrobatics. However, Samson's ace, Conkelldurr, managed to stand and took out Talonflame with Rock Slide. Sayar then sent out his Toxicroak and it went for Drain Punch, thus finishing the battle.

He could hardly believe it. He had his first easy battle. It was such a good feeling that he had tears in his eyes. Tears of joy. 

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