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Howdy friends! I've finally caved into posting because I'm just utterly scratching my head here. I'm trying to breed to pass down the move Extrasensory onto a baby Roselia, but it just isn't happening.


The father is an Exeggcute with Solar Beam, Stun Spore, Poison Powder, and Extrasensory.

The mother is a Roselia with Absorb. (And 3 empty move slots.)


I have hatched about 5 baby Roselias so far, that only have Absorb and 3 empty move slots, 'just like their mother. None of the father Exeggcute's moves are passing down at all. Not even Stun Spore. There's no Rose Essence involved - all the babies are hatching as fully grown Roselias. And.. the only other variables is that the mother is holding a Power Lens because of her desirable Special IV, but that shouldnt influence passing down moves. So yeah I'm totally stumped.


Am I doing something wrong? Or should I just keep on breeding them?


Thanks for reading :) 

*Quick edit, I downloaded the game on 11/09/2020 so I should be up to date.

**Another edit in case anyone else pursues the same moveset - Sludge Bomb doesn't seem to be passable anymore, since it has a TM.

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On 11/13/2020 at 4:48 PM, Duskfang Shadowpaw said:

You'll need to breed for Budew if you want your Roselia to have Extrasensory, since it's one of Budew's Egg Moves.


So you'll have to breed with Rose Essence.


I hope this helps.

Oh my - Thank you! I wouldn't think Budew would be capable of learning them for some reason, so I'm glad you jumped on this before I tried other trial and erroring. lol. Thanks again.

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  • misfit changed the title to Roselia Egg Moves [Solved, thank you]

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