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  1. misfit


    Omg.. you are so nice. Thank you thank you thank you!
  2. misfit


    Here you are, saving my life again lol. I'd love that, if you wouldn't mind! My login name is Mercy, let me know when you're ready. Thanks!
  3. misfit


    I'm looking for a Lucky Egg! Doesn't matter what pokemon you trade it on. (: I'm pretty early in the game so I don't have access to one yet. My team was kinda ragtag so I'm power-leveling a new team lol. Available Shinies -- All of these don't have great IVs, they're just wilds I caught unless stated otherwise. Teddiursa * Stunky * Buneary * [I will be honest this ones highest IV is like 10 lol. But hey it's pink.] Purrloin * Noibat * Poocheyana * Sewaddle * [31 Hp IV] Castform * [31 Sp, 31 Def, an unfortunate breeding reject.]
  4. Oh my - Thank you! I wouldn't think Budew would be capable of learning them for some reason, so I'm glad you jumped on this before I tried other trial and erroring. lol. Thanks again.
  5. Howdy friends! I've finally caved into posting because I'm just utterly scratching my head here. I'm trying to breed to pass down the move Extrasensory onto a baby Roselia, but it just isn't happening. The father is an Exeggcute with Solar Beam, Stun Spore, Poison Powder, and Extrasensory. The mother is a Roselia with Absorb. (And 3 empty move slots.) I have hatched about 5 baby Roselias so far, that only have Absorb and 3 empty move slots, 'just like their mother. None of the father Exeggcute's moves are passing down at all. Not even Stun Spore. There's no Rose Es
  6. i'm so sorry I guess at some point your character's supposed to faint then wake up somewhere else? But that didn't happen to me :c it just returned me to the front of the villa after amber's kidnapping. How do I get to Kristiline town..? :')
  7. The screenshots are in the attachments, is this the right map for Telia Resort?
  8. I've been looking through guides and walk-throughs, everyone seems to have a different map than I do. In mine, you walk around in shallow water, and every "house" is a giant, empty building. In fact, Tesla and her house aren't even in the resort. I just installed Patch 11.3, is there something else I'm missing?? Lol thanks
  9. I'm so stuck! Can you help me please? :) I got Amber's CD back, then me and Venam went to go talk to her. Amber fell through a hole and we jumped in after her. I found a ladder which led to the upper level, so I headed back to Telia Resort. And then.... nothing? No signs of Amber or Venam anywhere. The gym is still closed due to events happening in Kristiline Town. I see a boat that looks like it'll lead to the town (I'm not allowed to surf here) but there seems to be nobody around to drive the boat. Thank you!
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