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Super Secret Santa Info and Sign-up

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As stated in the main party post, this is the Super™ Secret Santa signup thread. Unlike the Cyber Secret Santa, this one is held in Real Life™!  Each participant will be seeeeeecretly assigned another participant to give a gift to- but unlike the cyber event, these gifts will actually physically exist and will literally be sent to you and your giftee! 

There will be two "rings", if you will- one in Europe and one in North America, each capped at 15 people. It'll be limited to those two regions to reduce shipping costs and to avoid the inherent logistical headaches in shipping things across an ocean.



You have to be willing to spend real money. Like, actual money. Dolla dolla bills, yo.

You must be willing to provide your address. The only people who will see it will be myself and your giftee, and I swear I'm not scary.

You must be a veteran on the forums. 

A maximum of 15 people will be accepted per region.


Sign up by sending a private message to me (hi) with your region, address, and wishlist. You are free to give whatever you wish, however it's recommended that you keep costs limited at $25 or £/€20.

Sign up will be open until either 11/29 or until each ring hits 15 people, which ever comes first. 

Please have gifts shipped by 12/7 in order to guarantee that the gift arrives by the date of the party. It would be highly appreciated if you could also pass your receipts along to myself simply to ensure that something was sent- if you sent a receipt to me and (due to some unforeseen circumstance) do not receive a gift, we'll make sure that you still get a gift.

Feel free to post any questions you have here, or simply dm me.

Hope you all have fun with this~

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Just europe or america, though frankly if I have your address I can probably figure that out myself.

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