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Outdated directory




I've been nosing around and I found a pinned directory last edited in January 2017. Some of the links are dead such as the obtainable Pokemon url and the links it sends you to are for E16 and/or (it seems) other outdated or cancelled threads.


I thought I'd mention it in case someone sees them and wants to renovate. I'll include the thread in question here (see word "directory" for url) but where should I put further "dead threads" if I happen to stumble across them? Or who should I tell?




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Thank you for letting us know about the out of date links in the directory. 


I've made some updates to the directory in question: some topics that have newer and updated versions have had their links changed to those, and I deleted a thread that led to a 404 Not Found error. There's one thread that has a newer version that I couldn't update, though, as it's been hidden.


A few archived threads I kept in there either because they're still relevant or a newer version hasn't been made by anyone.


If you stumble upon any more outdated directories, you can let us know either by making another thread or using the report function on the directory to explain that the links are outdated.

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