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These are few rules I've thought up but will most likely add to these if need be these are fairly standard



1. Don't be inappropriate ex. if your theory deals with  with uneasy subject matter try to be tactful about it

2. Try to see if your theory hasn't already been posted on here somewhere if so please try to add on to that  theory if you wish that way

people can be more involved.

3. Don't try to disprove other peoples theories these are theories and we are meant to have fun with them


pokemon game specific rule

1. Just as in the normal forums when a new episode comes up try to put a spoiler warning in the beginning up until its made available for public release if your theory does cover something spoilery from E18, E19 ( anything outside of those 2 are fine in the description of the forum I mentioned that spoilers would be likely)

other pokemon fangames and mainline games maybe also use a spoiler warning up until 2 weeks after they get released beyond that its okay


That should be it for now have fun and theorize to your hearts content


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