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Gen 7 Giveaway (breeding, egg moves, shiny)


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Hi! So I'm happy to giveaway some 7th gen pokemon with egg moves. Some of them is shiny...


- 11 A - Grimer's: (3 shiny) Assurance / Pursuit / Curse / Shadow Sneak

- 8 A - Vulpix's: (1 shiny) Hypnosis / Exstrasensory / Moonblast / Freeze - Dry

- 15 Litten's: Body Slam / Fake Out / Crunch / Heat Wave

- 11 Rockruff's: Crush Claw / Fire Fang / Sucker Punch / Thunder Fang

- 5 Mudbray's: Mud Slap / Body Slam / Close Combat / Double - Edge

- 3 Stufful's: Force Palm / Ice Punch / Stomp Tantrum / Thunder Punch

- 4 Fomantis: Fury Cutter / Giga Drain / Leaf Storm


I can not promise a perfect IV's or nature..

Also you can always send me request (not only on 7th gen pokemon) especially if you want a egg moves.

So that's it! Let me know if you interested ;)

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I mean, I'm more than happy to trade those. I've also got some more 5IV Pokemon laying around too that I don't plan on using. I've got a Shiny Shinx, a Shiny Litwick, 2 Shiny Gastly, a Shiny Magnemite, and a Shiny Ekans that are all at lv 1 that I'd be more than happy to trade with also.

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