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  1. I'm stuck in the forced movement of a conveyer tile, though i can access the pause menu, so giving one of my Pokemon Teleport or even just changing my position slightly should suffice to get me out of this softlockGame_-_25_-_Quetzal_-_45h_30m_-_3_badges.rxdata
  2. Apologies, I didn't notice the bug submitting form. That was my mistake
  3. I have a very specific problem- I was doing the Stolen Cargo sidequest from the Sheridan Village help center, which has electrified conveyer tiles that force you to black out unless the warehouse is short-circuited. I completed the quest as normal when I, assuming the conveyers were not still electrified even though the lights came back on, switched the yellow tile to point east and stepped on it. I had just gotten the third gym badge, and hadn't gone to any healing machine since then, so my respawn point is Venam's house. There is also a relatively small bug associated with the conveyers- when you black out, at least when you respawn at Venam's house, you keep the movement from the conveyer as that is the last tile you stand on before blacking out. This isn't a problem when you're going north like during the sidequest, as you just go inside, take one step, and stop moving. However, when you're moving east, you're directly against the statue that says a gym leader lives in the house, so you can't take that one step. I can still access the menu and everything, so if I had Fly or Teleport or some other move (well, maybe not teleport, it might take me to the same spot instead of the laboratory) I could escape, but I don't, so I can't. I also saved, thinking the movement wouldn't persist after closing and reopening, but it did, so now the only way out is to delete my save file or perform some manner of save editing- you can imagine which I'd prefer. Help would be greatly appreciated ASAP
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