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  1. i want to see some aevium fossil pokemons. every region has their own ancient era. and how about put galar region fossil pokemon(darcovish Arctozolt Dracozolt Arctovish)bodies and heads to right place?
  2. i will try to find how to use debug mode in forum。whatever thank you again。
  3. unfortunately, i did many thing after my stupid fly. I want to find a way to save my work.
  4. When I get into axis university with alita first.(after adventure in anju castle and underground of goldleaf park ) I fly away immediately. OK its fool. But I cant back to axis university again! My game is stuck! When I try to find axis university from the north of GDC. I failed. How can i solve the problem? Its a bug? does have any other way? Help pls
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