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  1. Grand hall's basement is full of suprises and familiar faces
  2. Hi. Im collecting here some of my fan art from the Reborn. Most of the creations will be or are inspired by the story events, so there will eventually be spoilers just in case you arent finished current content available. I have spent hundreds of hours creating characters met in game (also including townfolks like street rats, hikers etc.) and now Im in the process of porting pokemon models. After some fiddling around, I downscaled pictures to 1k HD low quality previews and created https://www.deviantart.com/palikkamaa for the full sized 2k pictures. I'll show here handful of most recent arts I made and slowly detele older previews to make room for new ones.
  3. Hi. I have android 11 and the game wont start. It freezes right after pushing the icon and whole phone lags. I have tried all 18.x versions and none of them worked. Phone model is samsung a71
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