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  1. yoo is this true? is there a way to follow the creator or something?
  2. same :( all the time spent checking the dev blog wasted
  3. sigh, as expected i cant play it, life sucks
  4. people have to be dum dum for not getting such an obvious joke tho
  5. yeah, i planned to buy a new laptop anyway, but not in the near months so if my current laptop cant play it i have to wait for a while
  6. uh oh i think im in trouble
  7. the tumblr doesnt have any post.. or is it part of the riddle? edit: never mind solved it
  8. the tumblr doesnt have any post.. or is it part of the riddle?
  9. speaking story, i heard rumors that rejuv is planned to be a trilogy game?
  10. actually.. Amber already has her redemption by trying to fix her relationship with Tesla, but i still want to see MC chill with her without interruption
  11. i dont care about ships but i hope MC and Amber can chill together without interruption, Amber needs her redemption for being annoying earlier lol
  12. i know its hard but sometimes i wish the story branches a little bit more like some spoiler but yeah i guess its impossible :(
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