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  1. Thank you so much for all your help. If it’s easier, I’m on the discord server too so this thread does not get too long
  2. Nowwwwww were back to the black screen
  3. Okay, I am getting somewhere. I wiped anything reborn related off of my Mac and trashed it. Then I downloaded the Mega (fruit version) of reborn. Last time I used Google Drive so why not try a different approach. From there, I did what Abyssreaper99 said to do in their first post on this thread. I got to the correct folder that reborn saves to. I moved my save file do it, which still did nothing, but after I moved "Game.rxdata" to the same folder and the save loaded in reborn (main menu). Then I selected my save and it created "latest_save.txt". This time when pressing ender on the menu, it we
  4. Hmm... I downloaded the game before I updated my OS, so maybe I can try and delete Reborn and reinstall it If that does not work I will deal with Wine (Or Wineskin because at this point it is ehh) Also, when my Mac restarts its self, and I look in the console, I find it under spin reports if that means anything. If I reveal in finder (by double clicking on the report and then clicking reveal), it shows a file called WindowServer_2021-01...out.spin
  5. Update to the situation. It is saying that it is a kernel panic.
  6. I do have it in my Applications folder. I have no clue how to go about getting the error log though.
  7. It is now in the correct place and I see the save file loaded in the menu, but when I press enter it just goes to black screen and freezes the rest of my Mac. The music is still playing however which is a little strange. Every time I have to reset my MacBook... if I let it run long enough it just restarts my Mac and tells me it restarted because of a problem...
  8. Just updated it and it is still now working. I have "Game.rxdata" and my specific save file .rxdata (and also have "LastSave.dat"). This feels like a directory problem... If I need to, I can install Wine or Wineskin, but I prefer just getting it straight up from here so there is not as many things cluttering up my computer.
  9. Hey guys! I have played Reborn on my Windows PC for some time now, but I want to move my save file over to my Mac. I have copied the correct save file (to my knowledge) and have the file on my Mac. I tried putting it into the folder that I think it should go into but it is not picking up when I select "OtherSaveFiles" in the startup menu when launching Reborn. Also, I have tried saving in game and it keeps telling me "can not save". I assume this has to do with the same problem. Additionally, I am not using Wine or anything like that. All I did was download it from Google Drive and
  10. Thank you for your speedy response. I will find a different strategy!
  11. Hey guys, I am trying to train up a Shedinja for the psychic gym. I feel like there are other places where a strong shedinja can get me out of, but I am not able to get it to learn swords dance. At least in the normal pokemon games, one is able to level nincadia up to the level ninjask learns swords dance, and then upon evolution at that level, shedinja learns it too. This is not the same (that I can tell) in Reborn, so I am wondering if there is a way to get shedinja to have swords dance. Thank you in advance.
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