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  1. what do I after beating Amaria? edit- nvm lol
  2. thanks for trying but the file itself I can read and write to but its the Macintosh HD which is read-only. I can't open it in finder only when choosing files to send does it even appear as an option, and hence I cannot save the file to the Macintosh HD which is where the original was stored. I tried to see if I could get the same 'sharing and permissions' drop-down for the location but it seemingly only appears for individual files, not folders or locations. thanks for trying though :)
  3. sorry for all the hassle - I found the original location of it in the Macintosh HD but couldn't save the new file to it. however on Mac OS X 10.15 they changed how the Macintosh HD works and so it now read-only, so there is no way for me to move the new game.rxdata file back. sorry for the hassle
  4. The Macintosh HD is where the package contents of the program are stored. I assume the file should be saved in 'data' within the package contents because almost all the files have same same .rxdata extension, yet it doesn't work. I'm really sorry to keep asking!
  5. thank you - do you know where I move the file to now; I moved it to the "data' file in package contents but it just kept me to where I was beforehand so I assume its the wrong place
  6. thank you I just had to search for it in Macintosh HD instead of all files - this should be it. thanks! Game.rxdata
  7. hi I've followed the instructions for finding save file and it's different on Catalina 10.15 - when I go to application support Pokemon reborn isn't there and application support isn't in users. any other ideas? sorry
  8. I lost the double battle against the two trainers after titania and Taka spoke again in the water treatment plant and am now stuck (the water that Taka lowered for me is now raised) - the only other thread on this I've seen only showed a solution for this on pc but I'm on Mac - can I have any help? thank you!
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