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    Pokemon/ Horse-riding/Exercise/Yu-Gi-Oh/Iruna Online, other depends, also like Amethyst for making this Pokemon Reborn + community to chat and stuff, favourites are Absol/Flygon/Rayquaza/Blaziken and many more.

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  1. I'm so gonna start playing reborn, but preping by catcthing all available pokemon and leveling to lv50 for starters, after that learn the history better, it's has been 2-3 years since I last played after completing episode 18, maybe longer better check the save history. Oh, no, the maintance wiped the saved data, when the service my laptop, I got RIPPED, big time, looks like a new adventure but I remember my team, but oh hell, here I go, retrieving 3-4 years of playing or 160hours worth of save data, here I go x.x
  2. o.o no way, beyond the lv100 marker, that is .... I cannot even imagine. What else, this new episode is really blowing up my expectations, I promised I wouldn't play til the next one, but dam
  3. Do you think Gardevoir can be saved in Pokemon Reborn, after losing her trainer, I really want to save her and help return her back to normal after what happen in the 18th episode?!!

  4. whatcha think of the team I use pokemon reborn character hope ye don't mind, I re-design it to look clearer,

    my pokemon 4.png

    1. Candy


      That's cool :) but is it Insurgence, since mega flygon?

    2. Guardia Pheiz

      Guardia Pheiz

      well, i had been waiting on the next update for reborn, so i gave Insurgence a go dam those difficulty modes were insane x.x, i re-draw everything to be clearer, even re wrote n gardevoir's sign xD

  5. Guardia Pheiz

    hi again

    Awesome Amethyst, I really appreciated Pokemon Reborn, especially when Gardevoir left news of Darkrai driving off in a van with Mew sticking its head out the backdoor of the van :'), also my pokemon squad I'd use at the very beginning up to now. i never did upload images on google before x'D, Team,; Absol/Blaziken/Gardevoir{ Faith}/ Lumineon/ Flygon and Noivern
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