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  1. oh wow i have not drawn rejuv characters in a while. i like that one bit where venam's like "yeah being part of team xen isn't really something you want ur family to know.. dont worry ill keep your secret safe :))"
  2. i havent used it on the diamond nor pearl route, and both stories turned out fine in the end without it. im curious, what does it do or change?
  3. omg. you were so right about purifying the field!! i did that and it helped sm thank u !!
  4. ahh goodness i forgot about that one LOL. is there anywhere i can get a pyukumuku at this point in the game? or would i need to roll my save back a bit to get out of the past aevium
  5. im on the battle against indraid's gardevoir and goodness it is Not easy. i tried most strats i could think of but i didn't even make a dent in it's shield. any suggestions?
  6. ahh i see. thats certainly a bit strange but its understandable that it hasnt yet been fixed. v13 has only been out for so long ^^"
  7. i just checked my save files and i think you may be right. one of my badges dissapeared in a time where i'm assuming i was in goldenleaf town. (though im hesitant to load it in to see where i was since i dont want to overwrite my current save) i did notice the whole town was a bit glitchy so i guess something happened there. i dont have any mods/debugs or anything. thank u for the help!! i think the best i can do is just roll back my save to before a badge dissapeared. edit: i loaded the save in and i noticed the badge was lost in the forsaken laboratory before the eli and sharon and geara battles. im not really sure what happened there tbh?? it's strange for sure. maybe the group talk thing caused it?
  8. so.. after valarie's gym battle i went back to the cave and taught my pokemon surf. i noticed it wasnt letting me so i went directly to the pokemon menu and i clicked on surf and it said "Sorry, another badge is required" and i was really confused since i just did valarie's battle for the fifth badge. i opened my trainer card and the normal type badge isn't there for some reason, leaving the game thinking i only have four badges. did this happen to anyone else? anyone have any idea what to do? thank u ^_^ (edited for a typo)
  9. ahh okay thank you!! :3c i didnt want to spend ages searching for something that isnt there lol
  10. i've heard that lycanroc was, reasonably, removed from the area of goldenwood past the third gym, but was rockruff removed as well? i spent a good moment lookin for one in goldenwood (both in the cave and in the tall grass since i couldnt remember /exactly/ where. just that it was in goldenwood) and i couldnt find one. was it moved/removed or do i just have bad luck searching? i totally dont blame if it was removed it is a bit overpowered for early game.
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