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  1. This was one of my favourite puzzles, I kind wish we saw more of these types of puzzles, it was un, you had to be careful, needed a good memory and critical thinking. If anything this made the game more immersive for me
  2. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I really want to see increases difficulty of puzzles in the game rather than just difficult battles. One of my favourite things about Pokémon was not just the awesome cute Pokémon to battler with and the journey, but the puzzles. Also I'd like to see really weak Pokémon getting avium forms( really appreciated A-parasect) , like avium raticate getting a buff and changed to a better typing like poison/dark. Or a weak grass type getting flash fire ability of a different form.
  3. Hi guys, please help, I downloaded pokemon rejuv ver 13, and it does not save any ver 13 files, it still saves as a version 12 file and only opens with version 12 if I click on any files in the saved folder. However if I go to the original version 13 game folder and click gae.exe it opens it in version 13 . I cannot find the saved files with version 13 and do not know how to change is so that if I click on any of the game.exe files it opens with version 13 rather than version 12. My operating system is windows.
  4. You battle the trainer to the left of the warehouse, get his electrike to use discharge, which shuts off the field and thus shuts off the electric plates, then defeat the elctrike before it can use discharge again. Then you can pass through the electrified plates and have an easy double battle with the gang as Venam helps you out.
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