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  1. I'm not sure if this is a V13 thing, or it's been in the game for a while but I started a new save on V13 and I've noticed that every trainer I've fought doesn't give out prize money. I've only fought the trainers around the beginning of the game but found it odd I wasn't getting any scratches of money, not sure if this is intended however.
  2. Speaking of Connor I came into the first town and there happened to be a permanent sun effect on the game, only up until the field where you meet Hardy, but every area before that has a sun effect for some reason. It even triggered it during Connor's fight I've noticed as well as the audino trainer in town, even going into the cave underneath the waterfall had it as well, I'm not sure if this was in base game though but it didn't seem like it should've been there.
  3. I'm just checking out the game but I was wondering if any of the fights have been changed with these added forms and such ;o Wanted to know if it would be easier or harder compared to the original
  4. I'm at Amaria's Gym Battle but I can't find the person to change the fight to Masters, even when talking to her she doesn't give me the option. I looked at previous statements and currently on Reshiram Route but didn't find the "L" part yet. "The condition for Amarias master fight is unusual. You need to be on the true route on top of another simple thing you probably never did. Has to do with an L." I don't know if that's outdated or I've come to a point where I have to reload an earlier save. Edit: I think I realize what the L thing is, must be similar to the Beldum quest isn't it?
  5. im playing redux with swm mods installed with expsharefullteam removed, but ive found a exp share on a spinda but it doesnt seem to be applying it to my entire team, i believe it said the swm mod was redundant due to redux but i dont see how redux is making it so
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