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  1. so. I was minding my own business, and suddenly in the land of broken dreams, the puppet master clones clone, but then the game displays a buncha text and crashes. Installed the supposed fix, and it didn't work. this is the displayed text.
  2. well, they are at 100% gameplay, and 50% testing. so, it'll be not much longer
  3. well, at least you can say you got him and actually put in a lot of work doing it, unlike most ppl
  4. don't be, i have put in a lot of time as well. my team was switched around with blaziken(starter, helped with most of the game(even souta! beat skarm and parad the swanna) bellossom, venusaur(helped beat ), pangoro(helped beat the 4th gym leader), solrock(helped beat the 7th gym leader), swoobat(beat gyms 1-3), stoutland(beat gym 1 and surfed), empoleon(also gym 7), mightyena(for thief), lapras(helped beat the , and was an overall beast in my playthrough), weezing(was with me as a physical wall for most of the game, psnd the afformentioned battle^), lucario(helped overall, gotten very late and just was there, mixed set), carbink(set up walls on souta), golisopod(beat the 3rd floor aqua building fight, despite being lvl 60. beat the FEAR trainer in the tournament single handedly.), clefable(1 of the mvps of my team, it beat the singlehandedly several times, even as a clefairy once or twice. I can't remember all of the gyms it beat but suffice to say, it was most.), golurk(no guard is op and it got dynamic punch. what more needs to be said?), aurorus(helped beat ), delphox(helped beat the final battle, it was my favorite), also, those 3 grumpig are all shiny btw, assist liepard(1% in east gearen and I used it, evolved right at the lvl cap, helped beat gyms 1-5 i believe), breloom(my 2nd fav pkmn, i had to use it), and finally(not pictured): an alolan persian with pay day and the amulet coin(to make 22 thousand dollars a battle against the audino trainers).
  5. nice chansey and zygarde, I think you have spent a lot of time on that box
  6. well, the fight will probably be much harder as well, think of all the good ice types, darm galar(prob crested so it will be perma zen or gorilla tactics lets you switch moves or something), maybe slush rush arctovish with fishious rend, weavile with fake out and triple axel, slush rush arctozolt with bolt beak, mega abomasnow for the hail(or just put permahail), maybe a calyrex in insane mode...,and definitely walrein. the choices are endless(nearly),
  7. hoping that angie will be slightly easier than her previous fight
  8. will you have to start your save all over again when you get v13? I really do not want to have to fight the rift gardevoir, souta, and angie again. I also have like 214 hrs in it and don't want to start again. also, I am a sort of completionist, there should be a way to complete the dex, whether through other people's teams(like nagnadel), or catchability. also there should be a way to sort the pc by dex #
  9. also you can find audinite in the evergreen forest near the shrine to the left using surf, rock climb, and strength
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