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    Playing all kinda games especially pokemon fan made games
  1. Hi first of all there are 18 gyms and eight elite trainers the game is completed till 18th episode and the next update is going to come soon. If you start playing this game now you will get an update before finishing. And there are 21 starters too. Many says reborn is difficult but rejuvenation is difficult then reborn.you have to train different team for different gym and battles. And mostly the gameplay is good with best story. There are many interesting charactera like Ren, Melia ,Venam , Kim (Lorna) , Cresent , Madame X , Madelis , Anastasia , Aelita and many more. If you need more info see this reborn evo blog .......
  2. Guys this is actually not a bug but I need to defeat rift gardevoir in hiyoshi city full details are given in this link Please help me out i know you developers are good so I leave this to you.
  3. @Luchux Hi blaziken will burn their team. And lycancroc is a beast Always use fire, rock and flying type moves bro i see you have sylveon use that instead of dusclops all the best he have the easiest gym team And also escavalier is steel bug so use fire type like blaze kick And the pinsir you have got will help you at later time he is so powerful bug I suggest you to use pinsir instead of heracross Also you ca use lunatone if you like
  4. Guys i need help with my save file please debug my save file to finish rift gardevoir battle in hiyoshi city also add me more money(1000000 pokedollars) and ap(500ap) please i'm new so i don't know where to post this post below is my save file i dont know which to upload so i uploaded both game.rxdata and save file (lol).. Game - 297 - Afsal - 70h 41m - 12 badges.rxdata Game.rxdata
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