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  1. No worries, there was a slight workaround for the time being. I chose Rock instead of the others. When I selected Fairy and ground the run time script failed. Hope it helps!
  2. Hey Blue, found this after trying to get the Rimbombee egg.
  3. Alright, I double checked and it seems like I was a tired idiot and had a regular Larvitar. Sorry about that and the late reply! If there are any forms displaying incorrect information I will definitely let you know. Thanks yet again, good luck with your health and stay safe!!
  4. Hey Blue, first of all I wanted to thank you for the awesome mod I am loving it thus far. I had a question regarding both forms of Larvitar. On the Alt-Forms Wiki it says that Ice Larvitar has Snow Cloak and Guts as an ability but mine had Sand Veil. I also wanted to confirm that Ice Ttar is Phys based and Space is Spa? Thanks again!
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