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  1. Aw, thank you!^^ I was trying to go for a Cyberpunk/Vaporwave inspired look...to take the punk vibes in a different direction. I also did a little thing today;
  2. It's okay...I just wish I'd known before spending so much of my week working on these...and hey...at least someone from the team got to see what you guys inspired.^^ I have to agree with Alisae over there as well...sneak peaks at what shinies we can expect would be AMAZING.
  3. Sorry for Double posting...but since it seems that I am unable to offer these as shiny forms for Rejuvenation v13, I thought I would post these here as well, and the first post is already getting pretty image heavy.
  4. Is it true that they already have custom shinies for all of Gen8? I'm new to spriting, but was inspired to try after recently starting rejuvenation, and really wanted to try and see if I could get good enough to have a shiny sprite in v13. Edit; I added a pic of my current progress with Cyberpunk/Vaporwave themed Galarian Zigzagoon line...I know, they're super rough...but I wanted to give it a shot, and have been working really hard on them...
  5. Second post ever on this site, here with my first and second sprite edits ever!^^ My first one ever was an attempt at a Shiny Noivern, since I've gotten super attached to my Noivern, Echo, in Rejuvenation and also like to play with colors. My SECOND attempt, however...was Absol. See, Absol is always MUCH fluffier in my head then Absol is portrayed, and I remembered that a beta concept for Absol was that the female Absols would have smaller horns, which looked better after adding the floof for balance... I could use some thoughts/advice/critique from anyone willing to give it.^^ Edit: Imgur link stuffs failed to embed the images correctly... so I'll just attach the larger versions of the files; Edit2; Third ever sprite edit since the first two were so much fun! This time...a Sugary trash panda! Edit3: Adding Possible Fluffy Absol Shinies I made today.^^
  6. @Edo Thank you so much for replying! The shinies I listed are ones Jan approved in the shiny discussion threads...however, it is possible that the ones in game have not been updated to reflect them yet, at least for the Lycanroc since it is Gen7. Still, I had no idea that adding my own custom shinies could be a thing...and now I do...and I am. SO TEMPTED to try my hand at spriting now. (I moved recently and my tablet is still MIA...but spriting can be done with a mouse...). That does explain why the strength sap nonsense stopped and even started, thank you.^^ I understand that this game wants to be a challenge, and I am all for that...it's not so much the difficulty that has me nearly as much as the confusion. I play rejuvenation first and foremost for the story and to be immersed in the world and to catch cute critters, (hence why I play on casual), and when the rules of the world are established only for those same rules to be broken in favor of mechanics or otherwise...it can be a bit immersion breaking. Like...I'm a trainer too...so I should have access to the same/similar things as other trainers...but I don't. I hope that makes sense...and I'm sure it will be solved in the future once everything is there... Well, there goes that possibility...is there a move that functions similarly to U-turn that I CAN get...? I have no idea what a power item is. All I know is that the pills and feathers raise your EVs...so I thought they would work...welp. To explain; I just want a wooper with an ever stone who can use earth quake really REALLY hard to break the ice in a cave I found because that would be HILARIOUS. Everywhere I read says that abilities can be passed down from the parents...not that both parents have to be the same species, or that only abilities they can naturally learn can be passed down. Since Rejuvenation has hidden and normal abilities at equal chance...if Wooper can ONLY get Wooper specific abilities, then my little attempt has been pointless. About the Everstone though...I thought it only passed down Natures...? Mom has one. Her lonely nature has been getting passed down, but the abilities are randomly of all the possible wooper abilities. Once again; Thank you for responding! As a new player, I am. Clearly mistake-prone and easily confused. You've been super helpful!
  7. Hey guys! First time poster here!^^ I actually have not completed a single official pokemon game, and this is my first fangame. While I'm playing on Casual mode, the difficulty has caused me to go, and figure out things like natures, EVs and IVs as well as I can to make sure my team can survive up coming battles...and I actually love it. The last pokemon games I tried to play as a kiddo were 1st and 2nd gen...so getting caught up with all the new stuff and enjoying all the fanmade content has been AMAZING. Infact, I hope to post a review/let's play hopefully soon, and am...5 badges in and about to face Crawli. (Note: To help, I have the newest version of Rejuvenation available as of...like...last week or two ago.) That said... Shiny Bug...? Not sure what else to call this...? I try to look through the threads to get an idea of what shinies look like what so I know which to hunt...and a few of them don't match up...? Screenshots are in the thread. Shiny Arcanine's eyes are Black instead of Gold like Growlithe's...? Which is odd since I'm p sure the artist posted an updated Arcanine alongside the Growlithe...? The worst offender though... is poor, POOR Lycanroc... Midday Lycanroc is almost entirely the same shade of brown instead of light lime green...he looks quite muddy. Boi needs a bath. IDK if the other lycanrocs have this problem since I have not see their shinies in game...but GOODNESS. X'D That's all I've noticed there though.^^ Questions; "Missing" TMs...? Ok... So I caught a baby noibat back before I even faced Venam...If I post my review/Let's play, you'll get the details... but I am VERY attached to my baby girl, and used rare/reverse candies so she could Evolve into Noivern to help me out with Crawlie's gym. So, since U-turn seems to be an important factor in, like, every Noivern build I can find... I figure that it's likely important and I should get it. Checked the location guide linked in the FAQ...no U-turn. Found 2 TMs lists...both say it's not availiable. BUT, like...some of these lists contradict with other lists I've seen... (Like...one list said you could buy Happiny from a black market dealer...?) So IDK how up to date they are...but it get's WEIRDER... ...Because Low-Sweep, Dazzling Gleam, and others. Which is SUPER WEIRD TO ME since I lost to Geara in the Jungle the first one or two times due to a Gengar who knew Dazzling Gleam...which Gengar can only learn by TM...but the TM apparently doesn't exist...? Even WEIRDER tho is that wild pokemon have moves they can only learn by TM TOO. Like...almost EVERY seedot, nuzleaf, mankey, drowzee, aipom etc I've encountered have had LOW SWEEP, and they are WILD pokemon who usually only learn that by TM...? (I mean...then again... I have a Wild Macargo I caught a few days ago who has Strentgh Sap...a move he should not be able to learn at ALL...) So I figured that, like...since the weak elemental monkies in Gearan City have Low-Sweep...maybe the missing TMs have been reprogrammed as egg-moves...? So I checked Echo's (My Noibat/Noivern's) Egg move stuffs by taking her over to the move re-learner after hunting down a heart scale, and...no luck. Got Hurricane, another move recommended for Noivern builds...but no U-Turn. So DO these TMs exist or don't they...? Did the wild pokemon get to them first? Breeding for Moves...?; My starter, a Decidueye named Bowwie, DID get U-Turn as an egg-move. I got it from the heart scale lady...and since Noibat and Noivern can learn it via TM...could I breed for a noibat who knows it...? Like...I really want Echo by my side for the entire game...and levelling up a level 1 noibat will...take AWHILE...but is it at least POSSIBLE...? Breeding for IV's...? (Possible Glitch...?) SO I'm trying to breed a wooper for a dumb idea I had...and word has it that if you give an item that raises a certain stat for one parent to hold, that parent's IV's for that stat is more likely to carry...I've tried this many times, but without any luck with it working...not with either the stat raising pills OR the stat raising feathers. Breeding for Abilities...?; So dad's have a 20% chance of passing on an ability, and mom's an 80% chance, and normal and hidden moves are equally likely. (Is what I've read regarding Reborn and Rejuvenation)... ...SO I'm trying for a Wooper with Adaptability...what's the best way to do this...? Mom, of course, is a wooper...
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