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  1. I found both, so I think this is closed. If anybody needs any of them, tell me.
  2. I found both, so I think this is closed. If anybody needs any of them, tell me.
  3. Thanks, I supposed so. I've already asked in Online PLay for trades of Shieldon and Cranidos, tho
  4. I had the same problem and posted it here It worked for me
  5. So I had asked about how to get the fossils for Cranidos and Shieldon, but I suppose the anwser is just "mining". If anybody have this fossils/mons, I would be very grateful if they traded them to me. No IVs or any other requirements, I'm just completing the Dex. If I can help you with something in return, feel free to ask!
  6. So: I have at least one of every fossil (I even have duplicates of some of them) except for the Skull and Armor ones. I don't know what to do, and I would like to know if there is any form to get the fossils that isn't mining, because if not... I'm gonna go nuts. Any help?
  7. OMG, I've just seen it and it works great! Thank you very much!!!
  8. Hi @Starry Knight! I have the same problem that @Rat_Salad posted. I used it to train a pokemon for a quest, then gave it to a NPC without ckecking the objects. Could you get it back, please? Game.rxdata
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