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  1. So I thought of some more... Ninjask - Using the electro ball formula, reduce damage received based on speed difference, Maybe something like minimum 20%, maximum 50%. Accelgor - Using the electro ball formula, increase base evasion chance based on speed difference. Maybe minimum 5%, maximum 12%. Electrode - Uses type-less special explosion upon fainting. Plus 1.2x special attack increase. Minun - Baton passes its stat increases upon fainting. Plusle - Applies plus/minus effect to both Plusle and allies highest attacking stat and
  2. Mightyena - Deals double damage to opponents suffering from status effects. OR Strong Jaw and regular poison when switching in. Liepard - Prankster moves affect dark types and doubles stat lowering effects. Morpeko - Attack and Speed +1 when switching to Hangry Mode and slight heal when switching to Full Belly Mode. Alolan Sandslash - Each hit has a slight chance to freeze and gets skill link. Weavile - Steals and uses opponents item if consumable when making contact on either side. Wigglytuff - Special version of huge power.
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