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  1. you know if the developers does do the love intreast thing for the MC the only options I can see that are Scarlett, seem like coner likes her. Ava, Auroua and the flying gym leader.
  2. okay can someone help me with the fight club quest, i beat 5 elite trianers and beat two npc what do i do after that. trying to do some post ep.5 side quest.
  3. Damn that sucks I ready wanted help Clarke out. She/he is a interesting NPC. Turning from his/her olds ways into a positive person and wanting to do good. Is inspiring. Hopefully ep.6 won't take years to make, but with Caz own life going on it probably will take that long. Regardless EP. 5 was good, I have to reply it and trust Nova over shiv and his sis lol. Do you know any other quests in EP. 5
  4. Can someone tell me if you can continue Clarke story in Blackview city or not.
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