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  1. Is there a reason why no tmx needed is not in the pack anymore? Pretty sure I have used this modpack for e18 and it was definitely in there. Edit: I was an idiot, figured out the password thing.
  2. Gave the diamond up in ep 10 and got a game over. Obviously I went for try again but now my character is sitting on the throne and cant move.
  3. The problem magically disappeared after I used the "computer" in the area outside of the room with Aelita and the Elder. For some reason they are now appearing. Kinda weird.
  4. Hey guys, I have a problem. (13.05 is the version I play) I won the Groudon fight, gave the Magma Stone to save the Elder and followed Tommen to watch him disintegrate or whatever. Went back to the room with Aelita and the Elder but nobody was there. What am I supposed to do?
  5. Bulk up cant be relearned, this game is just an absolute embarassement. It pretends to have the 7th gen movesets but Blaziken can not learn Bulk Up at 31 or relearn it later. Who ever created this embarassing game should be absolutely ashamed.
  6. That would be no problem as I dont really need bulk up at this point. I would be very disappointed if it cant be relearned though.
  7. Like I said in the OP, I already did that and it does not learn Bulk Up. Edit: I see my original post is somewhat unclear about that. I have leveled it down to 30 and than back up and it does not learn Bulk Up at 31.
  8. Hey everyone! According to bulbapedia and pokemondb, Blaziken should learn Bulk Up at level 31 in gen 7. That has not happened to me. Already used common candys and leveled back to 30 just to make sure but it does not learn it. And just for clarification, this is not about Combusken, I know it learns Bulk Up at some point. Is it supposed to be like that? Edit: It has learned every other move until this point as planned, just not Bulk Up.
  9. Thank you, appreciate the help.
  10. Hey! After the city was restored I went through the jungel and triggered the kecleon event. I went to the silph building and saw the dialogue between these two NPCs. One of them left and the women asked me to look for the scope in the Devon building. I just cant enter the building. The receptionist wont let me go up. After several tries and exploring the area around the building I watched a yt video were the entrance area of the Devon building is devasted and the player can just go up after they got the quest from Silph. That does not work for me. Any suggestions?
  11. Not really. Lotad was just my shiny offer and I use krabby as my HM Friend! Water is an amazing type though....
  12. Was probably my problem/fault anyway. Usually I have a stable connection but it can be problematic at times. At the end it worked, that is all that counts. Thanks again!
  13. No need to be sorry. Thank you very much for the mudkip, really appreciate it! I catch another krabby
  14. Sure. I wait. Maybe I do something wrong?
  15. Hmm weird. Just have the waiting screen...
  16. Sure, no problem. Just waiting
  17. Never did this before. Is something wrong?
  18. Sounds good. Your ingame name is?
  19. Awesome. When do you have time?
  20. Hey people! I would like to add a half decent mudkip to my team. Been pretty new to reborn, no idea what people expect in return. I have a shiny lotad if someone would be interested in that.
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