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  1. Yeah i just waited 'till the next day and it worked after that. just be patient. Maybe it takes longer for others.
  2. what do you do after taking aelita to her cell and entering neved's room for the second time. i can't leave for some reason.
  3. So uh after getting swept by nim on route 4, my character just disspears, like there is noone where he is supposed to be. I can walk through doors and stuff but I can't see my charavter, please help.
  4. So I was just playing rejuvenation when I wanted to get a dedenne for beating that goddamn giratina, (this was during early morning) but when I tried changing time on my computer to day, the game stayed in morning. I reported the bug, tried restarting the computer, reinstalling rejuvenation and the patches, but nothing happened. Did this happen to anyone else? (also now it will never be day in my game, even if it actually is day)
  5. On my computer it is 1 pm but in the game it is night time and it has night time encounters
  6. I need a dedenne for a strategy to beat the giratina battle (found it on the discord) and a moon stone, someone said there is a moon stone in goldenleaf (the guys backyard) but all I found was a rare candy. (V13) If possible please attach pictures of the moon stone.
  7. Yea the lunatone is but I have tried it for the past few hours and nothing, just stardust and comet shards
  8. I lost to keta twice very badly and want to evolve my nidorino to help my chances but can't find moon stone. please help.
  9. When I accepted the battle request 2 in sheridan, it said to go in fron tof cherry blossom inn, but no one was there.
  10. Talonflame crest: boosts speed and atk by 2 stages for all ally pokemon Gliscore crest: makes the ally pokemon immune to poison.
  11. can we have a crest for gliscore or talonflame they aare some of my favourite pokemon
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