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  1. Hey guys, is there anything more to the Ranger Quest in Ep. 5 once you have gotten the 3rd Key? The new leader girl (the one who used to be in Panther) ups and leaves saying she has business in Blackview, which I figured may be a continuation but I can't find her anywhere there.
  2. From what I can see, they have added several ambient pokemon to the game in different areas (also saw a Makuhita doing training outside Silver Mountain cave who ignored me constantly). I don't think these are meant to be catchable in an event and just serve to populate areas, nearly all pokemon you see like this are obtainable in earlier or later areas.
  3. Regarding the new Vendor, is it possible to get his stock back for him, or will the gang that mugged the Crescent Guy always return them before you? They look like Garrett's men so I'm guessing not, but I kinda don't like the way the game implies you failed the request (even if he still joins if you beat him in a battle), so is there a way to get it back properly?
  4. So.....with the rewrite of earlier plot, is this mostly just quality of life improvements, or are there any significant changes to the plot/characters we should be aware of and thus should replay? Are there any new reputation opportunities/penalties that have been introduced in the rewrite that weren't there in Ep 4 that will affect people who continue on the old save file from ep 4? Just want to know so I can decide whether to continue with my current save or not (luckily I only just started playing Desolation within the last month so all plot as of Ep4 is still fresh). Also I heard hints of romance being possibly added to the game (Aya's rather interesting line when she meets you in the manor for example), are these dependant on self-assigned gender at start?
  5. maxdrell


    What are the differences between Glass, Fruit and Penguin versions of the game? Confused as to which one you are meant to download or what the difference is meant t be between the three. Which is the ideal one to download?
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