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  1. Okay, so just reverting to a slightly older save fixed it Thanks for the help!
  2. becuase i have no idea where it is located, where would the save files be located? Found it, nevermind
  3. Currently at the forsaken lab trying to catch Type:Null. Upon opening the game this morning and encountering the pokemon, the error happens Script 'Interpreter' line 276: Runtime Error occured. Script error withen event 10, map 434 (Forsaken Laboratory):Exception: NoMethodErrorMessage: PokemonField:1039:in`pbGenerateWildPokemon'undefined method' `pbQuantity'for nil:NilClass***Full script:pbWildBattle(PBSpecies::TYPENULL,35, 100) Interpreter:243:in `pbExecuteScript'PokemonField:1075:in `pbWildBattle'(eval):1:in `pbExecuteScript'Interpreter:1611:in `eval'Interpreter:243:in `pbExecuteScript'Interpreter:1611:in `command_355'Interpreter:499:in `execute_command'Interpreter:193:in `update'Interpreter:106:in `loop'Interpreter:198:in `update' Heading elsewhere and encountering a pokemon, i get the message ofScript 'PokemonEncounters' line 331: NoMethodError occured undefined method `blackFluteUsed' for nil:NilClass So i can't even encounter pokemon without a crash. I also, stupidly, don't have a backup save.
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