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  1. Without spoiling much, after you progress a bit you will be able to catch a phantump and breed it for an egg, which you can trade for that mystery egg. However, the pokemon within the egg is random and cannot be changed by soft-reseting.
  2. Maybe this will help: https://youtu.be/i5E_Us4G75Q
  3. Melia has several different teams through the story, but I've created a save file with the mons you mentioned. I've set the nicknames, the shininess, the genders and maxed out the IVs, everything else is completely random/untouched. If you would like anything else, let me know. Hope it helps! Game.rxdata
  4. I had the same problem, and I don't think you losing the first time is relevant. You can either restore an earlier save file from your saved games folder (C:\Users\xxxx\Saved Games), or do what I did, and use a debug mod to warp to the same place where you are, that "freed" me from the ledge.
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