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  1. Here's a fix, it can just be dropped in the `Data\Mods` folder. (Only briefly tested however.) The cause: Line 4962 in PokeBattle_Battler, instead of `@battle.pbCommonAnimation("Powder",pbThis,nil)` it should be `@battle.pbCommonAnimation("Powder",self,nil)`. Powder fix.rb
  2. On the save select screen of both, there's a controls menu. If they were somehow changed you might be able to reset them with "Default" towards the bottom, or change the "Special" one to A. Otherwise, there is a different F1 menu for each exe where there are also controls.
  3. A couple things you can try: Temporarily using game.exe or game-z.exe instead of whatever you're using now. (Though if you can run game-z, that's way better performance anyways.) You should be able to use Windows' On-Screen Keyboard (searchable from the start menu).
  4. Line 849 in PokemonEvolution apparently prevents a Pichu bred from an Alolan Raichu from evolving. Really that form data should be stripped from the egg in the first place, but barring that, just deleting that line apparently fixes it. If anyone needs the fix, the attached script can just be put in the Mods folder. Pichu Fix.rb
  5. Around line 2270 in PokeBattle_Move and on, gl1 and gl2 are referred to without necessarily being initialized. Should probably be restructured. Apparently using Foul Play in the field with Eviolite can trigger the error. Screenshot, credit Sleepy_Goblin in Discord:
  6. I had the thought of a run using only unique typings, and thanks to Veekun's database, I got a list: SQL code, to use on the sqlite file:
  7. When I first took the train back from Route 9 I didn't check the options and went to the stadium, and played up to the Adam fight before I realized that that was a sequence break. I was dumb though and didn't revert to before I got on the train. Since then I've played a lot and beaten Souta, but now Erin doesn't show up at the library, there's a Claydoll in the National Park, and I've gone to Sashila village, where Damien mysteriously offers to fly me back somewhere. Help pls? Edit: nvm, found an old save in a hidden recycle bin thing.
  8. @Technowiz Is that with 18.4.1, or 18.4.3? The latter should have much better performance when walking around; worth a shot if you haven't tried it. (Though for background music, use this exe.)
  9. @Maruno Something you may be interested in is that mkxp-z can be compiled to use any version of Ruby, and at least with Reborn, getting it to work with Ruby 2.7 is relatively straightforward. ~50% performance increase. There's also the Tilemap improvements/fixes I implemented in mkxp-z (used in Reborn 18.4.3), which means you can just completely toss out CustomTilemap. (Feel free to PM me about either, if you want.)
  10. Just tested again, and everything works correctly. Since Gen VI, Nature Power allows for targeting an opponent, instead of targeting the user. At least in this version of Essentials this behavior wasn't updated concurrently, so this fix is to bring the behaviour in line with Gen VII.
  11. Huh. Just made this fix into a mod, and I actually had to use `attacker.pbUseMoveSimple(move, -1, opponent.index)` instead. interesting.
  12. Just put it in the `Data\Mods` folder as per usual. I'll update the main post.
  13. From: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/51722-nature-power-in-doubles/ Here's a self-contained fix for Nature Power not targeting right in double battles. Conflicts with anything that modifies Nature Power's pbEffect method. Just put it in the `Data\Mods` folder. (You might need to create that folder.) Nature Power Fix.rb
  14. That's... really weird o_O The error is in the battle transition animation. It might be that it's calling the empty `snap_to_bitmap` defined in PokemonSystem, so that whole `if !Kernel.respond_to?("pbSetResizeFactor")` should probably be put in a `if !$MKXP` block. Unless it happens with Game.exe too.
  15. @DemICE Out of curiosity, what changes did you make (other than mentioned above)? I know Reborn had a bunch of annoying alignment stuff, and then there's some Essentials-specific changes (https://roza-gb.gitbook.io/mkxp-z/troubleshooting/essentials). For Mac: Honestly, I expect that taking Reborn's AppImage and replacing the stuff in (just) the Resources folder should work. At least as well as Reborn, anyways.
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