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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P48PHGJ5yQDrUoU7IIVCcJz0eKJzEvVJ/view?usp=sharing
  2. That AI streamlining is soooo satisfying. And yay for memoization! TBF for the tilemap, they had to rewrite it cuz the RMXP version just doesn't support some things. Though why someone thought that meant they should sometimes render tiles as individual sprites is beyond me. Luckily ancurio & inori's mkxp-z (game-z.exe) is open-source, so I was able to implement/copy-paste what the built-in tilemap was missing.
  3. If it's a rectangle with a cross through it, I think that's an issue with the name including a non-printable character. Game.exe doesn't render it at all, while Game-z.exe shows it as that rectangle.
  4. You should make sure your game and all your mods are up-to-date, first. Then, if you're using SWM, the Shared PC mod might not be compatible rn:
  5. @kuroeee If you are still having trouble, this should be fixed in the currently uploaded versions (18.4.1 and 18.4.3).
  6. Thanks! This is fixed in the next version.
  7. ... This sounds like a Windows 7 issue. It's no-longer supported by microsoft, and I can't find a GDI132.dll on my Win10 computer. The only results for that file on Google are for Vista and older, too, if you upgraded to 7 from XP or Vista. Honestly I recommend updating. Edit: Otherwise, you could try toggling the "enableBlitting" or "subImageFix" settings in mkxp.json, just in case, or updating your graphics driver. Edit2: Reproducible with a fresh Win7 install in a VM, but it's "GDI32.dll", not "GDI132.dll".
  8. The move description for Spirit Shackle seems to be that of Spotlight.
  9. @botukon @Olxinos Does this still happen in the 18.4.3 build? Edit: Oh, OSX might not have 18.4.3 yet.
  10. In PokeBattle_Battler and PokeBattle_MoveEffects, there are lines preventing pokemon from flinching from moves (though not from King's Rock / Razor Fang). Bulbapedia's not 100% unambiguous, but apparently it was only in gen 2 that sleeping pokemon couldn't flinch. For ctrl-f:
  11. Something interesting: Even in version 2.7 with JIT enabled, Ruby still can't do constant folding (turning 2*3 into 6 so it doesn't run every time). Apparently the reason is that because almost anything can be redefined, even for something like 2*3 it has to look up the right definition each time. So a lot slower than you'd like. (Also ruby 1.8's optimization is much worse than 2.7, even without JIT.) For Essentials, there is at least one thing I'm aware of that's kinda-sorta reeaally bad: tiles are sometimes rendered as separate sprites, individually. ~300 tiles are on screen at a time, so even if only a fraction are rendered that way, it can be bad. (I think it happens in the Dragon's Den, for example?) On the other hand, it's amazing how well it reproduces the 3rd-gen Pokemon experience.
  12. Airborne pokemon don't benefit from Misty Terrain preventing status effects. If this is intentional, it's not in the field notes. If not intended, just have to replace `$fefieldeffect == 3 && !isAirborne?` with `$fefieldeffect == 3` in PokeBattle_Effects.
  13. Aeodyn

    = vs == typo

    Oh wow, I see what you mean. Cool. Just seen "AIRBALLON" and "ABOMBASNOW" so far.
  14. Jeeze, nice work. I'd like to think that those math things come from someone being used to compiled programming where that is optimized-out... but considering how messed up other stuff in Essentials is, I'm not optimistic.
  15. PokeBattle_Move:2089 Before: if (id == PBMoves::PETALBLIZZARD || id == PBMoves::PETALDANCE || id == PBMoves::FLEURCANNON) && $fecounter = 2 After: if (id == PBMoves::PETALBLIZZARD || id == PBMoves::PETALDANCE || id == PBMoves::FLEURCANNON) && $fecounter == 2 I noticed it with mkxp-z's console=true build option.
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