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  1. A couple more screenshots, looks like it's the same bug as this?
  2. Yep, still happens after redownloading and with no mods. I've only seen it happen with Game-z.exe btw.
  3. I added another screenshot. Seems like it might be transparency-related?
  4. I made a comment earlier somewhere, but now I have a screenshot; see attached. Similar sometimes happens with many other effects, though with the area affected varying: with Iron Defence, for example, you can see the bounding rectangle of the animation. Sometimes something similar happens on static screens as well, such as at save-file selection, or the Pokédex, with varying severity. I'm on Windows 10 with a Radeon RX580 and an Intel 4790K.
  5. (Newly-graduated and bored, and tracking down bugs is kinda fun.) The damage boost does seem to be fine.
  6. Aeodyn

    Pollen Puff

    (I just trained up a Ribombee, found https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/44774-pollen-puff-doesnt-heal-50/, and thought to look into it.) Pollen Puff's heal is implemented wrong right now: instead of healing for 50% rounded down, it heals the same amount that it would damage if the target were an enemy. Also: I can't easily test it, but it's possible it's missing logic for Heal Block or Bulletproof on the target.
  7. Thanks! I think I reset twice? I originally was just thinking of trying Leach Seed, but then I wanted to see if Cotton Guard would be enough, and finally this happened mostly by accident. XD Oh wow I completely forgot about that move; nice!
  8. Been doing a mono-fairy run, and turns out Shiinotic wrecks Garchomp. Honestly hilarious. Steps: Start with a terrain move to remove the buff on Fire Fang. I used Misty Terrain on Whimsicott, though something else with Quick Claw could work too. When the lead dies, bring in Shiinotic. Strength Sap × 6 Spore Leech Seed Giga Drain with Spore as needed ??? Profit
  9. Soooo. I actually fixed this? Not entirely sure who to ping, but... @andracass I guess? Line 5553 in PokeBattle_MoveEffects (in class PokeBattle_Move_0B3): Seems to work fine with multi-enemy moves as well; tested it with Triattack and Sludge Wave at least.
  10. Looks like that was changed with gen VI, actually. In the same battles, a pokemon in the first slot was able to target and hit either opponent without issue. And to clarify, my second pokemon was hitting the opponents' first pokemon, not the directly opposite one.
  11. I haven't tested it much, but in a doubles fight my Nature Power has repeatedly targeted the wrong opponent, and always the one on the left. It also seems to be only when performed by my second pokemon, the one on the right. Edit: Just realized I didn't put this in the Battle Errors section; sorry!
  12. Just FYI, if you can get it running on a newer ruby version (i.e. 2.1+), there's stackprof or ruby-prof that would work much better; it looks like mkxp-z supports up to 2.7.
  13. Don't know if it's useful but I was curious why I was getting an overworld performance drop, so I figured out how to attach ruby's standard library profiler: I couldn't find any native profiler for ruby 1.8 that would leave it playable so I just left it to run overnight; attached is the output. profile.txt
  14. No errors, but some bad choices by the AI. In the Grand Hall, I start with Scrafty against the Prankster Meowstic-M. I've seen it try a few different things: Psyshock 3 times in a row, despite Scrafty's Dark typing granting immunity to Psychic. Light Screen 3 times in a row. Thunder wave twice in a row, despite Scrafty's Dark typing granting immunity to moves boosted by Prankster. Realistically it should do Reflect and maybe Light Screen, then switch out. Instead it lets my Scrafty Bulk Up to +6. A much smaller thing is that I think the AI, when using a choice item, should deprioritize moves that the player's team has known immunities to. Currently it's very easy to, say, bait with Aggron then switch to a Flying type against Earthquake. Same with High Jump Kick, baiting with Aggron and switching to a Ghost repeatedly.
  15. The good: OMG battles and using the bag are so much faster, it's amazing! Thank you so much. The bag in particular is a tremendous improvement, probably ~3x faster for me. The bad: Rain causes much more of a performance drop with Game-z.exe than Game.exe. The question: How do you toggle sound effects now, with the new F1 menu? Edit: I don't use it normally anyways, but the Screen Border option doesn't seem to work, and neither does the "Full" option (Alt-Enter still works though). Edit2: Specifically, rain in Lower Peridot is very stuttery; not as bad in Opal. Edit the 3rd: My bad, not caused by rain, just poor performance in Peridot. Dragon's Den and Calcenon as well. When sped-up, some full-screen graphics like from Aurora Veil, Earthquake, or Mega Evolution are artifacted.
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