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  1. Yes, all of them have 31 in everything except attack :3 I'm up, going!
  2. The shiny one is a Bold 31/11/31/22/31/31. A female Hardy 31/0/31/31/31/31 is okay? tell me when you people are ready, and your users :3
  3. EDIT: ALL FEEBAS ARE GONE ♥ I think it's a waste to release them all, some of them are shinies that don't have 5 IVs but are close [EDIT: the majority of them have Bold nature, but some of them are random]. Seriously, I have more than ninety, so I wanna gift them. You can give me thrash mons in return, but nice things are appreciated as well :B (I'm not wonder trading because I wanna give them to players who actually want a good Milotic) IGN: Unfair Paradox EDIT: leave me your usernames on your replies! ^w^/
  4. All boxes are okay, thanks a lot for the help ♥♥♥
  5. That would be helpful! ♥ Should I upload the saves to a Drive? :B
  6. I'm not sure if this is a bug or I'm just stupid. I was playing on 18.1, delivered 3 of the 4 applications for the quest, updated to 18.3 and delivered the 4th (the Construction one); when I went back to Archer he still was displaying the text as if I didn't deliver all the Apps. I thought this maybe had something to do with updating the game version, or maybe I'm just missing something?
  7. Thank you for patching up the results of my stupidity, and for giving me the tools for having multiple saves ♥
  8. Arrow keys won't move my character, I don't have dig or escape rope. Stupidly saved the game. Here is an image of my current location.
  9. Is Oshawott available anywhere other than picking it as a starter if you join Aqua Gang?
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