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  1. Mostly in Pokemon Journeys episode 131 :


    Leon’s Rillaboom managed to beat both Ash’s Dragonite and Sirfetch’d despite many damages it takes before being beaten by Ash’s Dracovish. Then Cinderace takes the lead and beats Dracovish without any damage taken. Next, it’s Ash’s Pikachu vs Leon’s Charizard which you will see what happens next.


    1. Oscarus



      This is perhaps one of my favorite of Ash's battles OF ALL TIME, alongside his battles against Gary in Silver Conference's 1/8 finals, Paul in Lily of the Valley Conference's quarterfinals, 3rd battle against Brandon, and Kukui in Manalo Conference's Championship Battle. 


      Ash really shines there, and stand tall against World Champion Leon himself. The battle can be summarized as: Unstoppable Force VS Immovable Object 



      While Ash lost the number advantage, which was quite obvious as 3 of his 4 remaining Pokemon were damaged and tired, and the odds are against him... I'll say it upfront - even if he loses, he DID show the best performance in his entire career, I'd say. 


      But one thing still bothers me... What role will Eternatus futfill in the clash? Judging by the ending and preview, they will have a fairly neutral role, but... will it benefit the fighters, or interrupt the confrontation at their end?


      My guess is since the explosion caused by G-Max Wildfire and 10MV Thunderbolt was so powerful the Dynamax particles in the surrounding area were either destroyed or stimulated, causing Eternatus to enter the arena to give their own Dynamax energy or to balance the power, respectively. 


      One thing is for sure... Goh's decision to give Eternatus to Leon wasn't a betrayal in the slightest - just an action for better good (and Ash probably agrees with it) 



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