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  1. I usually see characters in the artwork and the character I like the most in Pokemon Desolation is Nova.
  2. It's obtainable if you let Karen live during Castle Zygara quest.
  3. It wouldn't be a surprise after spoiling what kind of custom mega evolved pokemon would have difference on base stats and abilities. It may be revealed after V13 release. I don't know anything about mega customs.
  4. Dammit. I feel so sorry that I have forgotten your birthday. Happy birthday, anyway.😞

    1. Jan


      It's okay! Thank you 🙂

  5. Well, I have an idea. I suggest Mightyena with a new Ghost-type move named Spectral Fang. It could be learned by move relearner. It should be suited for Mega Mightyena's ability. I suppose a bit.
  6. Well unfortunately, I think that mysteroius Lilith's Umbreon had transformation similar to Mega Evolution. Why don't other Eeveelutions have that kind of Mega Evolution? Maybe because Mega Umbreon or whatever isn't available to players. I'm kinda jealous.
  7. Well, I will get better with Aevis' new sprite in V13.
  8. I don't care if Gyarados is available or not. It might be very strong to be in Rejuvenation, but still very vunerable.
  9. First, I knew you wouldn't believe what I have just said. I take it back. Second, I'm not blind but I saw the V13 development has progressed even more. Third, I'll try to be patient as there's more than a quarter (>25%) progress remaining in V13.
  10. It has been a year since the beginning of the development of V13 and of course it was too long to wait (even though I was waiting also). It wasn't bad at all but neither good at all. Well, I guess I didn't say about Pokken System but I should have said because I wanted for this to be in part of V13 but unfortunately, I think it's already too late. At last, this would take at least a year for them to finish it all. Boring, isn't it?
  11. In next popularity poll, I won't vote the protagonists but one of the six protagonists if possible. That's how it would be. Anyway, I think Venam is more luckier than Melia.
  12. Tomorrow, there's no turning back. I will see what happens next on who's the most popular character.
  13. That's very sad. I can't say about what's going on here. Is this Neo Goldenleaf Town?
  14. Damn it. That's it. I'm really bored now. I decided to play V12 before the release of V13, because even if there's no gen 8 in V12, in V13, I have already decided who to catch, so it's time to prepare for what's gonna happen. Any questions? If not, you will understand later.

    1. RoyChaos


      I changed my plans. Still unsatisfied because of playing V12 in Intense mode. That was boring. I would rather wait for V13 than having V12 currently. Sorry, guys.

  15. You should have found items whatever it's hidden or not from beginning. And you should have EV trained your pokemons and leveled up, too. At least, you should know about Glitch Field.
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