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  1. There will be "What if" special items and dialogues for Pokemon Rejuvenation. I'm not including my thoughts of special items for Pokemon Rejuvenation, but only dialogues, of course. First I'll talk about items called "Arcana Crystals" (Key Items):

    The Fool Crystal :

    A trump card crystal which expands the move slot to double.


    The Magician Crystal :

    This crystal can make every Psychic type pokemons to learn their signature STAB move.


    The High Priestess Crystal :

    This crystal can make every Normal type pokemons to learn their signature STAB move.


    The Empress Crystal :

    This crystal can make every pure female pokemons to learn their signature move.


    The Emperor Crystal :

    This crystal can make every pure male pokemons to learn their signature move.


    The Hierophant Crystal :

    This crystal can make them learn healing moves.


    The Lovers Crystal :

    The crystal that doubles gaining the relationship points with characters and negates losing it.


    The Chariot Crystal :

    This crystal can make every Steel type pokemons to learn their signature STAB move.


    Justice Crystal :

    This crystal can make them learn moves that gains Sp Attack and Sp Defense.


    The Hermit Crystal :

    This crystal can make every Electric type pokemons to learn their signature STAB move.


    Wheel of Fortune Crystal :

    A special crystal that triples the money gains for each pokemon battles, reduces item cost and invisible items are now visible.


    Strength Crystal :

    This crystal can make them learn moves that gains Attack and Defense.


    The Hanged Man Crystal :

    A useful crystal that expands held items slot to 2.


    Death Crystal :

    A deadly crystal that can't kill a person but can make a person communicate with ghosts and can make ghosts visible.


    Temperance Crystal :

    This crystal that can create a rare item by materializing existing items.


    The Devil Crystal :

    This crystal can make every Ghost type pokemons to learn their signature STAB move.


    The Tower Crystal :

    This crystal that unlocks every lockable doors and can make every Rock type pokemons to learn their signature STAB move.


    The Star Crystal :

    This crystal that can make a person teleport into an alternate dimension and can make every Fairy type pokemon learn their signature STAB move.


    The Moon Crystal :

    This crystal that can make every pokemon capable of evolving by touching Moon Stone and Dusk Stone and can make every Dark type pokemons to learn their signature STAB move.


    The Sun Crystal :

    This crystal that can make every pokemon capable of evolving by touching Sun Stone and Shiny Stone and can make every Fire type pokemons to learn their signature STAB move.


    Judgement Crystal :

    This crystal has the power to make the story pass through True Ending, to have the right to face the High Rank Gym Leaders and to expand pokemon cap level to LV200.


    The World Crystal :

    The ultimate crystal that gives the freedom to visit every region.


    That's all. Now for "What if" dialogue for Pokemon Rejuvenation. The scene happens in Church of Theolia where Melia ask the player if Venam is scared. The player would have two move answers :

    -Stay behind me.

    -I'm going forward.


    If "I'm going forward" :

    The player moves with dissapointed face, dodging the question.


    Melia : Hey, wait. Come on.

    Venam : See? You made "Player" mad.

    Melia : I didn't do anything so dissapointing.

    Venam : I believe that there's no time to waste.

    Melia Okay, then. Let's follow.


    If "Stay behind me" :

    Melia : Huh? What? Why?

    Venam : "Player"?

    Melia : ...

    Venam : ...

    Melia : It's okay. Don't worry about us.

    At least you're showing your bravery to face danger. (Melia +1)

    Venam, I'm sorry for saying that you're scared.

    Venam : It's alright. I'm should be the one who's sorry for lying about that.

    That's right. I'm really scared. I was pretending to be strong.

    But "Player"'s words gave me the courage to stand up against fear. (Venam +1)

    Melia : I understand. Then let's teach Angie a lesson.

    Venam : Well, yeah.

    Melia : Let's go.


    The story resumes originally as they encounter Cera.


    Note : I have also interests in major arcanas. Well, I must wait for V13 because it's nothing good to be rude. I swear it's going to take another month to wait. But, I hope all of you have fun with developping games.

  2. Today, there won't be "What if" dialogue for Pokemon Reborn. But there will be "What if" final form starters became pseudo-legendaries. For example:

    About 3 starters : Cinderace, Serperior, Empoleon

    Changes :


    For Cinderace :

    - Type : Fire -> Fire


    - Stats :

    HP : 80 -> 80

    Attack : 116 -> 155

    Defense : 75 -> 90

    Sp Attack : 65 -> 65

    Sp Defense : 75 -> 90

    Speed : 119 -> 120

    Total : 530 -> 600


    - Ability :

    Normal Blaze -> Sheer Force

    Hidden : Libero -> Libero


    - Additional moves :

    Thunder Punch

    Ice Punch



    Rock Slide


    For Serperior :

    - Type : Grass -> Grass/Dragon


    - Stats :

    HP : 75 -> 95

    Attack : 75 -> 100

    Defense : 95 -> 95

    Sp Attack : 75 -> 100

    Sp Defense : 95 -> 95

    Speed : 113 -> 115

    Total : 528 -> 600


    - Ability :

    Normal : Overgrow -> Chlorophyll

    Hidden : Contrary -> Contrary


    - Additional moves :

    Breaking Swipe

    Draco Meteor

    Throat Chop




    Zen Headbutt



    Ice Beam

    Sludge Bomb

    Poison Tail

    Poison Jab


    For Empoleon :

    - Type : Water/Steel -> Water/Steel


    - Stats :

    HP : 84 -> 100

    Attack : 86 -> 86

    Defense : 88 -> 121

    Sp Attack : 111 -> 112

    Sp Defense : 101 -> 121

    Speed : 60 -> 60

    Total : 530 -> 600


    - Ability :

    Normal : Torrent -> Competitive

    Hidden : Defiant -> Steely Spirit


    - Additional moves :

    Air Slash



    Steel Beam




    That's all for now.


    Note : I was even thinking what kind of starter pokemon should be qualified to be pseudo-legendary. But I'm not qualified to create my game because I can't create it and I haven't done before. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your life.

  3. Well, the character I hated the most in Rejuvenation is Lorna (because of her actions, of course). But that's why I'm giving a "What if" dialogue for Pokemon Rejuvenation.

    The scene occurs where the player and Melia defeated Geara and Zetta in Valor Mountain. If Melia defeated Madelis in Gearen Laboratory, the scene would occur different before Geara trying to make petrified Nim fall into lava :

    Geara : Nope.

    Melia : What?

    Geara : I said, no.


    The player dashes and chokes Geara to death.


    Geara : What... are... you... doing...?

    Get... off... me... .

    Zetta : How did you saw through that?

    Melia : Thanks, "Player". I got Nim.


    The player releases Geara and pushes button to make Nim fall into ground causing her petrification to break.


    Melia : Thank god we saved her and she turned into normal state.

    Geara : GET LOST.


    Geara pushes the player into falling.


    Geara : I don't care. Nevermind that Nim.

    It's a good thing I got you.

    Melia : L-Let go of me!

    Zetta : Geara, let go of her right now!

    Melia : I said let go of me, Geara! Goddammit!

    Venam : Let her go!

    Giratina : Gruahhh!!

    Venam : Aughh!!!


    The player falls into pit of lava.


    Melia : "Player"...! No! This can't be happening! Let go of me!

    Let go of me! L-Let go!


    The scene follows the same but alternatively as in the afterlife, Nim appears unconscious in the ground in her normal state, instead of appearing in sea in her petrified state and adding that Crescent gives the blade, saying use it to end someone's life.


    After revival, the dialogue will be the same but it will be different in conclusion :


    Melia : Huh?! How is this possible?

    Geara : What are you talking about?

    What? What the hell is going on around here?

    You fell into pit of lava. How are you still standing here?

    Zetta : This isn't normal. Why it looks like he's acting like a defiant person?

    No. Don't tell me?


    The player dashes and savagely stabs Geara with blade.


    Melia : Oh my god! "Player". What's happening to you?

    Zetta : "Player" didn't hesitate to kill Geara. What in the world?

    Geara : This... is... the... end... for me.

    Please... Forgive... me... Madame X!


    Geara fell down on stair into ground. After, Giratina dissappeared.


    Geara : No... C-c-c-come... ba... ck... Giratina.

    ??? : Very good, "Player". Now, leave the rest to me.


    Crescent appears along with Mewtwo named Dranna who destroyed the ritual.


    Melia : Crescent!

    Zetta : Oh no... It's you!

    Crescent : I don't remember letting you out of that prison, Zetta.


    The dialogue and scene will occurs the same but different with absence of Geara as he's in verge of death. After Crescent catches Zetta, Geara's dialogue will be different :

    Geara : This... is... it...

    But... this... isn't... the... end...

    I... swear... you... will... know... our... reasons... .


    Geara dies.


    Melia : What are you talking about?

    Crescent : There's no point talking to him. He's dead.

    Let's go, Dranna.

    Dranna : Yeah.


    Crescent and Dranna left.


    Melia : "Player". I never thought that could happen but we won, right?


    Melia sees the player with their serious face.


    Melia : Don't worry about what you did. After all, we're still alive including Nim.

    It's all thanks to you being by my side. (Melia +2)

    But I must give my father one final service.

    Well, you must come with me.

    But before, let's go take care of our friends.


    That ends the conclusion of Valor Mountain in better way. And the scenario will be altered in every next chapters as Nim will follow the player along with Venam and Melia timetravel into past giving her alternate look afterwards and the petrification incident will never happen in Grand Dream City as she will never become Lorna.


    Note : I wished for Nim to live in Pokemon Rejuvenation, in my thoughts. Too bad it has to be this way.

    1. Dark Champion

      Dark Champion

      wow. very dramatic

  4. The life is boring as ever and ever. Well, no time for nonsense. I'm giving a "What if" dialogue for Pokemon Reborn.

    During the time in trapped Devon Corp, before Lin's Hydreigon prepares to decapitate Ame. If player chose every path that leads to gain the relationship points with Anna and Shade, the cutscene would occur differenlty as Shade would help the player pass through the barrier to save Ame from her death :

    Lin : So your friend helped you. Why are you risking your life to protect the champion of Reborn Region?

    Ame : Thanks. You would know what would happen if it weren't for you.


    Answer :

    -Someone helped me.

    -Thank Shade for that.


    "Someone helped me" :

    Ame : So it must be Shade who helped you.


    "Thank Shade for that" :

    Ame : Of course. After we escape from Devon Corp.


    Resuming dialogue :

    Lin : Well then. I shall take care of you, first.

    Ame : No. Stop.


    Lin will use only a level 100 Hydreigon with his moves :

    -Dragon Pulse

    -Dark Pulse

    -Flash Cannon

    -Fire Blast


    If player loses to Lin :

    Lin : How pathetic. Didn't I tell you there's no point of protecting her? That's how weaklings must die.


    Hydreigon, attack.

    Ame : "Player", look out.


    Ame saves the player as she's now being decapitated by Hydreigon.


    Lin : Today the heart of Reborn falls.

    How marvelous.

    And how droll.


    Lin takes Ame's pokemons.


    Lin : You should realize what have you done.

    So, I'll give you a warning.

    You should know your place before facing strong opponents, fool.

    The results will be the same.


    A satisfied Lin leaves.


    Then the scene will resume as the same scenario.


    If player defeats Lin :

    Lin : Grrrrrrrrrr. You aren't a weakling.

    You're dangerous.

    That's why I lost. You derserve being a worthy trainer more than anything.

    Ame : I didn't think for a trainer to defeat someone I couldn't do.

    Lin : Fine. I think I'm done for now. I'm leaving.

    But remember this. Every member of Team Meteor will come after you, "Player".

    And next time we battle, it will be on my terms.


    A frustrated Lin leaves without stealing Ame's pokemons.


    Ame : Thank you for saving me. I owe you my life.

    I will need your help when you become a champion.

    By the way, where are the others?


    Player tells about their fates.


    Ame : I see. Sorry, "Player". I miscalculated so much thanks to Lin and we ended being trapped.

    But I'm sure they will survive long enough as long as we must hurry before it's too late.

    Follow me.


    The story will be altered as long as Ame lives after escaping from Devon Corp, along with the player, Victoria, Arclight and Adrienn.


    Note : It's a bit dissapointing to see the tragedy of the story. Sorry, Amethyst. Please forgive me.

  5. Too bad that there's no Fire Type pokemon capable of learning Trick Room by leveling up and that Tm Trick Room isn't available in current version. Good luck for you then.
  6. I'm giving a "What if" dialogue for Pokemon Rejuvenation. The scene occurs in top of Eclysia Pyramid after the player along with Aelita defeats the Mysterious Figures who in reality were Melia and Aelita while Aelita was the mysterious female. If the player defeated Madame X's Yveltal in Blacksteeple Castle, the scene would occur different than usual. After the battle, that's what should happen :

    Female ??? : Thanks for your help, part-


    The player punches violently Female ???.


    Female ??? : WHAT? HOW DID YOU-

    Male ??? : Hey, what's going on?

    Madame X : I see. Very clever, "Player".

    Female ??? : You knew I was manipulating you with the memories. So you pretended to fight with me in order to have the opportunity to punch me.

    Male ??? : I got that brat.


    The player dodges the hit and counterattacks him with sheer strength.


    Male ??? : GAAAAAAH!


    Male ??? faints in the end.


    Female ??? : Where did that power came from?

    Madame X : It must have come from confidence. It looks like they overestimated us. I can't believe it for me to recieve such an humiliation, again.


    As male :

    Female ??? : I understand the situation. However. YOU PISSED ME OFF, "PLAYER".


    As female/non-binary :

    Female ??? : So, be it. You leave me no choice, "Player".


    Female ??? : Hey, you.

    Male ???: W-what?

    Female ??? : Take Madame X with you.

    Madame X : Wait. What? What are you doing? I'm the one to finish him off.

    Female ??? : Not today. Just do as I said.

    Male ??? : U-u-understood.

    Madame X : Hey.


    Male ??? and Madame X left.


    Female ??? : I will take the Jewel of Life by force after beating you, "Player".


    The scene about Braixen will be the same, except it would evolve early before confrontation against Female ???.


    Delphox : "Player". I got your covered.

    Female ??? : I remember you. You must be Braixen. You evolved, of course.

    Delphox : It doesn't matter who I really am. This time, the victory will be in our hands.

    ??? : That's right.


    The person who's coming is revealed to be Adam.

    Delphox : Adam?

    Adam : Is that really you, Braixen? You must have been evolved.

    Delphox : It's not a big deal. Whatever the person who controls with illusion like you won't get a chance to defeat us.

    Female ??? : It doesn't matter. You will lose just like you did, Delphox.

    Delphox : It will be better if you can call me by my new name. As for now, you can call me, Delpha.

    Adam : Sounds good. Right, "Player"?

    Female ??? : Well, then. I will fight you alone.

    Delpha : Your illusions can't trick us. Show me the truth.


    Before Delpha uses her power, player punched Female ??? again revealing being with her side.


    Delpha : Oh. You knew the truth. It's like you're overwriting illusion with the reality.

    Adam : Amazing. Way to go, "Player".

    Female ??? : YOU REPUGNANT MORTAL.

    Delpha : It's over for you. Time to finish what we left.


    Instead of playing as Adam with Delpha in his team, the player will battle along with Adam with Delpha in his team in Multi Battle against Female ???. After the battle, the scene will be the same but in alternative ways as the player is standing with Adam and Delpha with telling the other allies what happened as they figured out the player's strategy.


    The original scene resumes at the announcement saying that the Eclysia Pyramid has reached max water capacity.


    Note : I never thought I did that long. Well, my school period resumes tomorrow.

  7. I'm giving a "What if" dialogue for Pokemon Reborn. The scene in Belrose Manse after Laura asks for support (if Saphira abducted), the player remembers the other non-chosen protagonists who died during train incident. So Anna would ask the player to come for a secret talk and that's what she wanted to ask :


    Anna : Are you alright? I feel your loneliness, even Nostra feels too.

    Wait a minute. Are you crying? Please, tell me everything what happened.


    The player told Anna everything from the beginning to the place where player met her and during the journey to obtain the ability to use the move Strength.


    Anna : Oh, so that's what happenned. I can understand your sadness losing the loved ones.

    Hey, don't be so sorry. It's not your fault, okay?

    Remember. Ame saved you. It's a good thing.


    But the player tells Anna their regret of this turn of events.


    Anna : "Player". Look at us. You don't have to say that. If it weren't for Ame, you wouldn't be here.

    You wouldn't meet us and you wouldn't have right to challenge the gym leaders.

    They sacrificed to protect your friends, even you. So, don't worry. You have me. You have the others.

    You haven't lost everything and Nostra knows as well. If you feel lonely, we are here to support you.


    Player cheers up and gains motivation.


    Anna : Good. Now, you must go. Laura is waiting for you. And don't forget about what I said before.

    Well then. Good luck.


    Back to the scene where the player has to inflitrate Tanzan Meteor Base along with Laura.

  8. This is the beginning of the year 2021. So this time is "What if" music for Pokemon Desolation. I was imagining what kind of music it would be like.

    Enjoy the music.


    Shiv/Nova Battle theme :



    Aurora/Lilith Battle theme :



    Note : I wish I wanted for the first music to be extended. Too Bad. Anyway, I can't do that either for Pokemon Spork.

  9. Happy New Year, Jan. And I hope this year will be better.

  10. The New Year is near and I'm giving now a "What if" Z-Move and Z-Crystal is both Magmortium and Electivium.

    Electivium :

    It transforms Wild Charge into "Synergy Voltage Combo".

    The Z-Move base power is initially 50 due to non-fainted Pokemon.

    Effect: Increases power by 50 of each fainted pokemon. Ignores opponent's type resistances, stat changes and abilities. Summons Electric Terrain.

    1 fainted Pokemon : BP 100

    2 fainted Pokemon : BP 150

    3 fainted Pokemon : BP 200

    4 fainted Pokemon : BP 250

    5 fainted Pokemon (Max) : BP 300


    Magmortium :

    It transforms Overheat into "Synergy Burning Supercharge".

    The Z-Move base power and effect are totally same, except it summons Harsh Sunlight.


    Note : Well, I was dissapointed that there wasn't any exclusive Fire Type Z-Move and it would be unfair for both Magmortar and Electivire. Can't blame them for that.

  11. I'm telling a story about a boy named Emporio Kazuto and a girl named Diva Sotonawa. Here's the second. Enjoy reading.


    Chapter 2:

    "After they presented their names, Diva wanted to know about the life of Emporio, but Emporio didn't want to tell. Diva sensed his emotions of non-motivation so she wanted to cheer him up. That made Emporio the only person she want to care. And then, Diva said to never lose hope. But Emporio told Diva that he has no objective on himself. Diva told everything about the people with supernatural powers and she told her powers, too. But Emporio asked about knowing his power. Diva doesn't know about Emporio's power. So Emporio told her in secret that he's the ebodiment of every power which shocks Diva. But Diva didn't care. So then she asked if Emporio loved someone. But Emporio doesn't know about "love". Diva told Emporio to not worry about which made him understand a bit. So she asked him to go for a date. Emporio seemed so surprised to hear. So the 3 months had passed until the end of the 2nd year of the class and Diva wanted to wait for Emporio. So Diva was worried and wondered about Emporio breaking her promise. But she realized that Emporio was behind her. Emporio told her that he wouldn't break the promise like that. So they went on date, unaware of what's going on. They passed several hours of date. During the dinner, Diva wanted to know about Emporio's parents but he told that his parents are killed by terrorists and told about his dark past which made Diva sad as she felt like she regretted asking so she didn't want to hurt his feelings. And then in the end, she asked if he liked girls with short hair or girls with long hair. Emporio asnwered girls with long hair which made Diva a bit hurt but she respected that answer. Diva thanked Emporio for her date and told that she had fun with him. When Diva arrived at her home, she was upset a bit because of what Emporio said and she saw that her hair was shorter but she wouldn't give up. So her motivation has made her decision to grow her hair and use her makeups during the date with him. Several months had passed, and during 3rd year of the class, Diva's classmates were shocked and surprised of her sudden change of appearance. Diva's clothes and makeups have been matured and she has shown her hair grown up to shoulder length. That made Diva's male classmates to even fall for her even much more than before while her female classmates asked her about her sudden change. They realized it was Emporio's doing which made females relieve because they wanted her feminine style while males are absolutely mad because Emporio changed Diva the most. Meanwhile, Emporio's classmates saw him acting more mature than usual and he really helped them to improve their academics to the highest level in no time. Emporio's classmates improved also more talents thanks to him. They thanked Emporio for turning them into born genius. After school, Diva met Emporio once again, who was surprised at her sudden change. She wanted to thank him for changing her while Emporio wanted to apologize her but she forgave him because she told that everyone liked me much more than usual. Emporio was glad to hear that. In return, Emporio thanked her for motivating him. Diva admitted that she liked him. Now, Emporio understands her reason for her sudden change. Then they walked to their homes while talking for a while. When they arrived at Diva's home, she hugged Emporio and he hugged her in return. Diva wanted to say that she hopes that this year will be great as ever. And Emporio told that he wants to protect Diva from any harm which satisfied her. Then they said goodbye and see them tomorrow."


    Note : Well, can't tell about why but I hope you really enjoyed reading. Well, it can't be helped, anyway.

  12. Now, I'm really in bad mood, of course. I can't tell my reasons and I don't want to. Anyway, there's a "What if" music for Pokemon Rejuvenation. I'm imagining what it would like. So, there it is.


    Aelita Battle theme :



    Ren Battle theme :



    Note : Well, the New Year is approaching in 3 days. Can't tell and know what's gonna happen.

  13. I'm really in a good mood, thanks to the game I played which was found in the site :


    Oh god, that was a complete challenge. So I'm giving a "What if" dialogue for Pokemon Rejuvenation. During the conversation with Venam in secret area of the East Gearen Gym, Venam asks about the player's favourite color :

    Venam : Well, honestly, I want you to answer my question. What is your favourite color?

    There are much choices which would affect relationship points :

    -Red (Tesla +1, Amber +3 later)

    -Blue (Valarie +3 later; Venam +1)

    -Yellow (Jolene +1 later)

    -Violet (Venam +4)

    -Green (Florin +2 later)

    -Orange (Huey +3)

    -Cyan (Adam +1, Valarie +3 later)

    -Magenta (Aelita +2 later)

    -White (Erin +1 later)

    -Black (Damien +1, Alexandra +1 later)


    If player answered "Blue" :

    Well, you like that color. I used to have my hair blue but I didn't like that much.

    If player answered "Violet" :

    Y-Y-You like the color. It's my favourite, too. Hahahaha. I like you. I hope we get along well after the gym battle.

    If player answered otherwise :

    Oh. So that's your favourite color. Well, I respect your answer.


    Note : Well, my favourite color is red. Honest. You can say about your favourite color if you want, too.

  14. I prefer choose Erin's Path first, then Melia's path, resuming Aelita's path and at last, the protagonist's path, once V13 is here. And I hope you have a wonderful New Year, too, Jan.
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