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    My favorite Pokemon type : Fire type Pokemons. That's the reason I choose only a Fire type starter whatever I decide.
    My favorite legendaries : I prefer those who are faster and are really good on offensive.
    Games : Pokémon, Persona, Sonic, Super Mario Bros, Among Us (A bit)
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  1. Not only revives but also fresh waters. You must try buying it. It can be bought in salon.
  2. There’s only a way. Go to Teila Resort Building and buy the Luxury Package in order to have revives. But be careful. You must have much money and it will be paid once a day.
  3. There’s another way. You know Groudon will be poisoned due to this field. You must have revives with you if you want a chance to win against it.
  4. You must try using the move Blizzard. It never misses during hail.
  5. Does your Abomasnow has the move Blizzard?
  6. If you had a pokemon capable of learning Solar Beam, maybe that would work, too.
  7. "What if" Z-Move. Get ready to scream. Z-Crystal is Explonium Z :

    It transforms Exploud's Boomburst into "Sinister Boomburst".

    Power : 220

    Effect : Sound based move. Super effective on Ghost types and Psychic types.


    Note : Well, screaming might be funny for that. I can imagine an Exploud with such a suspicious cry like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X78GyIfrSV4

    By the way, see you next time. Bye.

  8. RoyChaos


    If Reborn, you must obtain Yureyu key in order to unlock the door in Abandoned Power Plant. So enter here, and level up Charjabug.
  9. RoyChaos


    Um... Sorry that I have to correct. You must level up your Charjabug by leveling up in Terajuma Jungle.
  10. I completely agree. And look at wormholes, that should be another reason why Rift Gyarados can be a Water/Psychic type instead of Water/Dark type. Besides, it’s because Magikarp didn’t evolve itself instead.
  11. First, go to the 2nd floor of the museum in Kristiline Town and read the description about Regice in order to start the Magma Stone arc. But once you get Magma Stone, there will be choices. So I’ll give you one thing : don’t give Magma Stone to anyone, even if they use innocent people as hostages.
  12. Thinking that Eternal Flower Floette won't be playable in original games is a bit frustrating. Well, I have another thoughts. What if Eternal Flower Floette evolved. For me, it should be always Eternal Flower Florges. Here's in my thoughts :

    Type : Fairy


    Ability : Same as regular Florges


    Stats :

    HP : 78

    Attack : 65

    Defense : 68

    Sp. Attack : 133

    Sp. Defense : 154

    Speed : 102

    Total : 600


    Note : To be honest, if my favourite type was Fairy instead of Fire, my Ace Pokemon would be Eternal Flower Floette instead of Cinderace. But I like Fire types the most and I won't change my mind, no matter what. I prefer Cinderace the most.

  13. If Rift Gyarados were to be also a Water/Psychic type, that would make sense about this appearance.
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