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  1. I think I will focus on suggesting pokemon you can catch right now: If you have enough patience, it is definitely worth it to try and catch a chansey in the safari zone. After evolving that into a blissey (recommend asap since eviolite isn't available until extremely late in the game), basically every special attacker in the game in single battles becomes a non-threat. Unfortunately we don't get toxic TM available, but thunder wave+seismic toss+softboiled is already good enough. I also would recommend trying to catch a swinub in Evergreen Cave, as it evolves into a mamoswine whose has excellent STABs of Ice+ground which hits a lot of pokemon in for super effective damage. You also probably want to get a bulky water type of some sort. Personally I got lucky with the mystery egg and got a toxapex (which was immensely helpful as it has access to toxic via leveling up since the TM for toxic is unavailable), but other bulky waters like pyukumuku (which also learns toxic through leveling up), quagsire, and Gastrodon. You should also consider catching a torkoal too for the next "gym" battle, it is quite a step up from crawli and you might want to have something, such as torkoal, to offset the field. Torkoal is also in general good because it allows you to have control of the weather.
  2. If we get dracovish available its going to be extremely good, since it basically makes any pokemon slower than it completely trivial (unless they have a water immune ability or are like 4x resistant), just like how blissey invalidates 97% of all special attackers you will face. Combine Dracovish with t-wave or sticky web support allows it to fight speedier teams. Or you can use baton pass to pass speed boosts, but baton pass is extremely broken no matter what pokemon is the recipient, dracovish or not.
  3. Hmm, that's very interesting. Now that you mentioned it, I looked into the field guide and saw this under the field effects of the Frozen Dimensional Field: "The following moves have no effect: Gravity Magic Room Trick Room Wonder Room". Is it this property the reason why you get infinite trick room under Frozen Dimensional field?
  4. I don't see a bug reporting thread anywhere, so I hope this is the right place. I've done this only once before, so I hope someone can confirm this for me. But to create this infinite Trick room bug, one needs to start a battle where the starting field is a Dimensional Field, and you need to a pokemon (or a pair of pokemon if it is a double battle) that holds magical seed and is capable of transforming the field into the Frozen Dimensional field using some move (in my case I used an avalugg holding magical seed that knows blizzard). What you do then is quite straightfoward: all you need to do is to send out pokemon holding the magical seed to set up Trick room, then on the next turn, transform the field into a frozen dimensional field. Thats pretty much it, now the effects of trick room will be active for the remainder of the game (or maybe it will remain as long as the field is kept as the frozen dimensional field, but this bit is just conjecture). This exploit actually has one major application that can make one battle much easier, which is the one against the evil rift gardevoir thing. Since in the battle all of the enemies are quite fast and put you to sleep, being able to set up trick room then subsequently keeping it permanent can give you a major advantage as you would have speed control.
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