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  1. iirc Flo always leads with her Hippowdon so you have an opening later on to take advantage of it and start sweeping, i.e Flo always start off with Yawn, so on the turn one of the opponents 'mons are sleeping you have a window to set yourself up with A. Ninetails into Aurora Veil into A. Sandslash sweep. You only need 1 Hailstorm with the item to prolong it, that's 6 turns for A. Sandslash to sweep behind an Aurora Veil. Even with that nature you will still outspeed most, if not all, of their teams. It will tear through a big portion of their mons on it's own if you abuse Slush Rush
  2. You have an A. Sandslash in your PC, make sure it has Slush Rush so you can take advantage of A. Ninetails Hail storm and allow you to sweep. Iron Head + Icicle Crash. Let's you deal with his Garchomp as well as a few others. I would probably replace that Delphox. You have aa total of 6 Fire-type attacks, teach your Arcanine Morning Sun instead of Fire Fang and teach it Close Combat or Extreme Speed instead of Flame Burst. Stick to Phys Attacks. Alternative strategy is to teach Trick Room to your Delphox and abuse Florinia's slow team as well as your Escaval
  3. Most of your team is made up of late-game powerhouses that aren't available to you yet.. yeah, your team is pretty solid right now. Your movesets are a wreck. Teach your Blaziken Blaze Kick instead of Flare Blitz, get rid of Sky Uppercut and teach it Stone Edge or Thunder Punch. Blaziken is too frail for Drain Punch. You need to get in and do the damage then and there because it won't survive more than 1 or 2 hits. Teach it Protect when it's available to you, gives you a couple of free Speed Boosts and almost ensures you outspeed your opponent. Teach your Metagross a Ps
  4. First, it's always better to have a rotating team. It just is. Second, if you're wanting to take your time and enjoy the game, it sounds like it's your first run through, so why not just have a rotating roster based on which gym leader you're facing? It is entirely doable with a team of 6 pokemon. I personally recently finished a run with a randomly generated team of 5 + mystery egg, turned into Lycanroc, Lycanroc, Poliwrath, Lopunny (non-mega), Rotom (no form) and Gengar. Not a particularly balanced team.. just shows it's possible. If that's the route you w
  5. The download link is no longer working - is there any chance for a new file to be uploaded so those of us who haven't tried the Redux run could get the chance to enjoy what seems to be quite a brilliant piece of work?
  6. It's a trade event in Chrysolia Forest. Outside Spinel Town. I would keep Arcanine. Intimidate and Fire STAB is so very strong. Give it Elemental Seed against Amaria and switch it in when it's Underwater Field, if I remember you get Wild Charge before that and it will be a very useful asset in that fight. You don't need to worry too much against AI battles, you know what you're facing and even so, Reborn AI battles is all about damage. If you want A. Ninetails, Snow Warning ability + Light Clay item, Aurora Veil / Freeze-Dry / Hail / Hypnosis is the move-set
  7. I like to run Spikes on my Greninja for the Ground typing, also helps a lot if you're good enough to predict electric attacks. Would also use Poison Touch on Muk, as well as Shadpw Sneak, it's always nice with a priority move. Like the guy above me wrote, Flamethrower on Arcanine is just not a smart choice unless you go mixed attacker, and that's just not utilizing Arcanine, in my opinion. You also already have a STAB steel type attacker with Lucario, so no need for Iron Head, go for Morning Sun and give your good dog a Leftovers. He'll be a happy dog. And a
  8. So I am starting a new run through Reborn using a team of 6 consisting of some of my personal all-time favrouties, among them is of course, Pikachu. So I was wondering if anyone either knew of an already made sprite or if someone would be so kind as to create one of Pikachu wearing Ash' cap from the anime. I would very much appreciate it, thank you for your time!
  9. Eh, Blaziken can blast through most of Reborn, Greninja has a few weak points still I would say and is also weaker early game, even Torchic gets really useful at the first gym.
  10. I would change your Toxapex's Scald into Infestation to make it more annoying. You're not utilizing the burn from Scald anyways and Infestation can get frustrating as hell. Then I would replace Meowstic with Mega Kanga: Fake Out, Power-Up Punch, Sucker Punch, Type-Coverage Punch Fake Out helps you utilize your Toxic Spikes and Toxic status and it gives you a very strong win condition, something I feel like your team is lacking. Annoying teams are cool but you still need a win condition outside of poison damage, Mega Kanga gives you that and works beautifully with Toxic
  11. You're right! I forgot you had to fight Galvatula and catch it, sorry. That's too bad, I really like that mon. Sharpedo could come in handy against Amaria in the UW / Water Surface fields. Reading through the rest of the thread: Gastly is either mystery egg or available after E19 is done. Thunderbolt is actually available in the game right now although through a very difficult puzzle, I can't remember if this is before or after Hardy, but in either case pretty much at the end of the game. I wanted to complete the game at least once myself so I did the poked
  12. What a cool idea! I would get your Growlithe going, Intimidate Arcanine is very strong throughout Reborn. I don't feel like Sharpedo does a whole lot until you get TM Protect and you're able to actually make use of Speed Boost, Reborn is too aggressive otherwise. Medicham is available at Apophyll Beach, with Huge Power, it was a very strong pokemon for me during my Psychic mono run, so consider that. Joltik into Galvantula could come handy with Sticky Web, speed control is always a good thing. Typhlosion, get Cyndaquill from 7th stree
  13. I'm mostly surprised you got good trades still, lol. Last time I tried I got a bunch of Kricketots named "LOLOLOL" and stuff. I was about to throw some bred shinies in, but that threw me off the idea. The wonderful thing here is that it's your game. Play it however you want, as long as you're enjoying it, having fun, then that's awesome. Also, if I remember there's a challenge runs centered around Wonder Trading. The idea sounds pretty cool, to be honest. Having done a number of playthroughs, challenge runs and mono runs I'm currently running through it using a team of
  14. He's at Kiki. There's next to nothing available to him in the game; he has no control over natures, no move tutors nor relearner; no access to an abundance of ability capsules, barely any TMs and I think fair to assume they're around level cap.. The biggest factor this early in the game is the types and abilities of the mons in your team.. Anyways, there's another thread talking about Kiki with some good advice. Ghost types can and will win you the gym easily if you play it right. Flying types like Emolga and Fearow can do some really good work f
  15. Since Kiki uses a Normal Gem to activate HItmonlee's Unburden, you can simply get any Ghost-type Mon and swap it in against Hitmonlee and you will have completely countered her strategy with that mon. Sandygast is found on the beach. Drifloon is next to Shade's gym (on a windy day/night), Frillish in one of the eggs, Shuppet, Nincada if I remember is available too. Emolga is also available to you, who is strong against Kiki. Growlithe, too. You can fish up a Grimer and train it into Muk. With a MInimize move-set is a force to be reckoned with, too. (Muk is a little bit
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