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  1. I would recommend bringing a bunch of healing and revival items though for later in that part of the game. First part you can get through unharmed, but I still haven't found a way with the 2nd/3rd part (if I remember). So bring a bunch of items to get your team healthy right before the coming fight.
  2. There we go. Take care of the little lady. Have a good day :)!
  3. I think it bugged out. Restart the trade.
  4. Yeah. My User ID is Si I'll wait for a request.
  5. Sure thing. When are you available?
  6. I have a perfect IV shiny Larvitar laying around if you want it. Can also give it any nature you want. If not, like the other guy said, the 2nd one is the best one. Has better SpDef and Def stats, too. Which are important still on Ttar.
  7. The first two can be found in the Underground Caves and Meowth can be found outside the Grand Hall.
  8. I would suggest Dugtrio and/or Sandslash. Persian with Power Gem is quite strong against Shelly, too.
  9. Ahhh. So it's intended. Fair enough. That is quite dissapointing. Perhaps leave in an option to choose whether you want to be able to freehand it or have it as a static size?
  10. No one has any ideas about this? Am I the only one with this issue?
  11. I know, but the point is I have to re-do it every time I start the game
  12. So I just downloaded the 18.3 version and like with the 18.2, I'm having some issues with the options. The screen size option isn't "saving." Every time I open the game, the window size appears as if the setting is set to "small." When I go into the settings, it's set to "full." When I change it to "L," the window changes to the appropriate size. When I use the Game.exe file and swap the setting to "Full," the window goes to full screen; however, when I use the Game-z.exe file, the full screen option just doesn't work and it's stuck as if the setting was set to "L."
  13. So I don't know if I've just not looked around hard enough but I noticed 1 move tutor missing, the one in 7th Street who teaches Defog, Laser Focus, Telekinesis and Ally Switch. Also is there an NPC who can check Hidden Power in the Sandbox Mod? I couldn't find any. Last thing, the move tutor who teaches Knock Off, Iron Head, Giga Drain etc is missing the move Liquidation. Is anyone still working on this and keeping it updated?
  14. Is still thread still being used? Online username: SiTimezone: +1 GMT (Copenhagen)Availability: Most days, most hours. Lockdown! Woo!Rules/Field effect: No field, if you want a field, change it during the game with moves! - Anything available in the game is fair play. Keep a cool and friendly attitude! Let's battle!
  15. Does this still work with 18.2? Any plans to update it?
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