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  1. I would recommend bringing a bunch of healing and revival items though for later in that part of the game. First part you can get through unharmed, but I still haven't found a way with the 2nd/3rd part (if I remember). So bring a bunch of items to get your team healthy right before the coming fight.
  2. There we go. Take care of the little lady. Have a good day :)!
  3. I think it bugged out. Restart the trade.
  4. Yeah. My User ID is Si I'll wait for a request.
  5. Sure thing. When are you available?
  6. I have a perfect IV shiny Larvitar laying around if you want it. Can also give it any nature you want. If not, like the other guy said, the 2nd one is the best one. Has better SpDef and Def stats, too. Which are important still on Ttar.
  7. The first two can be found in the Underground Caves and Meowth can be found outside the Grand Hall.
  8. I would suggest Dugtrio and/or Sandslash. Persian with Power Gem is quite strong against Shelly, too.
  9. Siv

    Battle time

    I was thinking if you gave your Discord ID it's easier to set up battles through discord messages. But there is an online play channel on their Discord where you some times can find battles.
  10. Siv

    Battle time

    Should probably include your timezone. Other than that, I'm usually up for battles whenever I have the time. Are you on Discord?
  11. You have to surf around inside the mountain so you come out at the big waterfall near Amaria's house. So you need to have created the shortcut into the mountain with the crustles.
  12. You just need to get rid of the Crustle blocking the cave when you get to the bottom to get Salandit. Nothing else is needed. But if it needs the tutor it doesn't matter anyways. I keep reading around the forums that there's a chance the Vulpix you get traded has Heat Wave on it. Never tried it, though.
  13. If you got a Stunfisk I think you could trade your way to a Vulpix with Heat Wave? I'm not sure, though. I forget if Salazzle learns Heat Wave on it's own, or is it just Flamethrower? Other than that I can't recall other Fire types available at that point.
  14. Are your Mons EV trained at all? Like others have said, changing the field effect helps a lot. Your Alakazam should have access to Psychic Terrain if I recall. Should also be faster than both her leads if you have EV trained it. What are your move sets? Moves like Fake Out are really strong in double battles, her team is quite frail so Fake Out gives you an opportunity to clear out her faster Mons if you have a strong rock or ground move. I.e starting Fake Out user + Earthquake/Rock Slide user.. you get the point. Using status moves like Paralyzing a weaker mon in Doubles while focusing on the other helps. Setting up Screens will help out a lot, too.
  15. Siv

    Terra Battle

    waiting for request
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