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  1. Please...... Just finish the new content and let me play it JK take your sweet sweet time so that you make sure that this is an incredible experience
  2. But i cant play since i saved v11 on fullscreen </3.....
  3. Hello there everyone I was informed that a new patch came out that wold fix the sprite resize line 151 thing (apparently called patch 2). The thing is Im new and just cant find my way around the site so can someone provide me with a link. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you.
  4. Hello there everyone; I am new here -happy to be here tho :D- BUT i have 1 problem: can someone tell me (or give me a link) to where i can stay up to date with patches to he game. Thank You.
  5. Just a random guy who enjoys playing pokemon. DEFINITLY NOT ADDICTION TO REJUVENATION.

  6. Hello there, Im new so idk where im supposed to post this issue exactly (i already did on save file troubleshoot) but I SEARUISLY NEEED HELLPPPPPPPPPPPPP Because i saved V11 in full screen i CANT play. (It wont even launch) Help would be appreciated (PATCH THIS I BEGG YOU THIS GAME IS TOOO GOOD)
  7. I have the same problem just like everyone else: script 'spriteresizer' line 151 Should i wait for a patch or something? This problem occurred when i changed the size of window to FULL from MEDIUM. Everyone posted the gamer.rxdata folder however it cant be uploaded cause the files too big. Help would be appreciated LastSave.dat
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