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  1. SoooooooooooooonTM. I'm most looking forward to replaying the game altogether with updated sprites, locations and stories. Also Gen 8. Plus the MC's backstory. looking forward to a lot
  2. I don't know what actually happened. i opened the game up one day and no save data was there
  3. I followed you here Sean, just to catch up on commenting for this run. I missed a few chapters after all EDIT - I realised that my name is different here, but the 575 should give it away.
  4. Amethyst cave, pretty much the beginning of the game. Go back to where you fought Galvantula and interact with the bag. then back in the lab, you can enter Melia's room.
  5. If we were going like this, I actually had three pokemon that I would consider a 'soul mate' to my character. Mostly since those three had never failed me yet, and they're who I used in the tournament in GDC. One being my starter pokemon, Ace the Sceptile (Still holding out for a Megastone), then Logan the Midnight Lycanroc i picked up on that Goldenleaf forest (Counter and Stone Edge for the win). and the Sylveon I got from Sheridan Village (Tanking tons of hits, while dealing decent damage herself). While a definitive 'partner' pokemon would be cool, in the end it's up to the i
  6. So i accidentally deleted my Rejuv save file.. great. But I think i'll wait until V13 to come out before I restart. story changes and all. A shame I lost my team though.
  7. So, I haven't had a chance to play yet. But i've been seeing that a lot of major battles are double battles. And I suck at those. I'm a little worried
  8. Oi Jan, what are you pulling here Bro? Just kick Bladestar out,  Don't let a plant wielder knock you around,  

    1. Jan


      Just kick me out? That's not happening. Also plants can be deadly... Don't underestimate them.

    2. Xavier575


      Guess we gotta bring out the herbicide then? We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.  

  9. Xavier575

    SH3'S B4CK

    Wait, does this mean she can bring Cain back????? While I love Terra as a character, the only person I want to see again is Cain. If a romance option is ever available, I would go straight to him. Even though I am a guy myself.
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