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  1. 1) No. 2) You need to replace the game folders with the ones inside of patch. Like in patch there is data, script, etc folder then copy those and paste the folder inside game folder. Windows will ask to replace files which you should say yes to. 3) Yes. You need to put the contents of patch inside game folder not data. For example there should be Data ajd Script folder in the patch then you should use those to replace the ones in Game folder. Windows will ask to replace some contents and you should say yes.
  2. 1) They will start being available after 5th gym now. 2) Mods pack of v12 are not compatible with v13 and I think that is gonna be the case till PBS is released (Could be wrong on this one though).
  3. Off topic but when exactly is egg move relearner available?
  4. Oh. Sorry to get your hopes all high for nothing.
  5. Both are pretty good. Greninja is now obtainable in game so I would say not to go for it. As for Blaziken and Cinderace. Blaziken has worse speed at first but speed boost would improve it. However do note for Blaziken would need to wait 2 turns in order to be faster than Cinderace. Blaziken has higher damage as well but Cinderace getting Stab on every move would probably yield higher damage. Cinderace appart from Pyro Ball only gets strong moves from breeding amd TM so that is there as well. Honestly it boils down to how much speed will you need. I personally would go
  6. No not that. Actually I uploaded it in Mega. Check if you can download it from here. https://mega.nz/file/9m5CTDCZ#gtEbk5U07VDfgosj8hZYqBKws0rrbSYeo8gSOIVRyWc (If sharing this like that is not allowed then plz inform me and I will remove this message)
  7. It should be there. On v13 crashes section go to pinned comments. There a user named "random toxic kiddo" posted a file called "opengl32.dll". Download it and paste it in your game folder to see if it works.
  8. If I remember correctly you can download a .dll file which might be able to fix this issue. It is posted on the Reborn discord server. Go to v13-crashes section and check the pinned message. You should find the .dll file there. Go and paste it on your game folder. IDK why it isnt posted anywhere here but it might help.
  9. Dont think there a beauty mechanism here unless the devs added it in this version. The haircut only increases friendship with your Pokemon.
  10. Does anyone know if Silvally creast is available yet?
  11. Well telling everything to Cassandra will lead to And I think Jan said in his tumblr that this event counts towards bad ending so that is why I think there should be karma for this choice. Not to mention Erin did tell us not tell everything to Cassnadra before talking to her. As for Flora if we go with Erin/Florin but expose Flora will we not get negative karma?
  12. That honestly seems like a mistake to me. Would it even be considered betrayal if you met the person like just 5 minute ago. If anything telling everything to Cassandra should give negative karma.
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