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  1. Most of the times gym leaders will have 4 Pokemon instead of 6 and will have weaker moveset/items. It will still be slightly more difficult than main games but overhaul it is way easier than Normal mode. Also you can check the wiki for Gym leaders team to see more clear difference. Although it might contain some spoilers.
  2. No difference. But it must be RPG Maker XP(RMXP) any other version won't work. The main purpose of this is to make your own games rather than data mining so again there might be better alternatives if you don't mind the price.
  3. One of the methods is to download RPG Maker XP. Download Pokemon Essentials and then copy Pokemon Rejuvenation and replace Pokemon Essential with it. This way you can look at all the maps, scripts, events, etc as well as edit them. However since RPG Maker XP is not free you will need to pay for this method. Don't know if there is any other method. The best bet would be to use debug mod as an alternative I guess.
  4. I am pretty sure Jan debunked that in one of his Asks at Tumblr.
  5. What error message do you have? I played the game at Windows 10 briefly and it was working fine.
  6. Nowhere. If I remember correctly even the devs said the original version is lost. If you want to know what old Rejuvenation looks like watch early Herovoltsy or SacredAlmighty playthrough at Youtube.
  7. I remember there being a glitch where if you lose a battle your team gets reverted back to a old version. That means you didnt lose any story progress but lost some of your mons. Unfortunately the only fix as far as I remember is to either Re-grind the Team or use Debug mode to Hack all the EV's and Levels back. Now make sure to reset your game from now onwards if you lose any battle(unless the story progresses even if you lose) to prevent this glitch.
  8. Well I was under the impression that Soul Stone can only hold one Soul at a time but even if it could hold the remaining Officers were set up for Soul sacrifice so it could not find its way there(not to mention the officers didn't exactly die near MC). Also Melia said herself that it was weird Soul Stone not being filled by Teramjuma victims was weird which I don't think would have been a included dialogue if it was just "Selective souls" There is literally no reason to think it is a forgotten item cause Soul Stone isn't exactly a item the Devs would "accidently" give to Yveltal. Not to mention that is thing that has been acknowledged before in Theory sections and Yveltal has been holding it very old versions as well. Devs would have removed it by now especially since they clearly revisited that battle in v13 if it was accidental.
  9. While that is a possibility it was Team Xen who handed over Melia to Jenner(if I remember correctly) and he was later on rediscovered with Melia I would say it is safe to say he was a Team Xen member before Storm Chaser. And while the Soul Stone wanting selective souls is a also a possibility it is never said out right as a requirement.
  10. So as we all know Professor Jenner is one of the Characters who died at Valor Mountain. Now the weird thing is that Soul stone should have captured his soul but didn't. I always wondered why until I just realized it now. It didn't capture his Soul for the same reason it didn't capture our Mom's soul. Professor Jenner was a Black Box. This not only explains why Jenner's soul didnt get captured but also how he survived the Gearen fire. In Where Love Lies Kenneth says that Jenner disappeared after the Gearen Fire possibly not surviving it but afterwards was found again with Melia as his daughter. Knowing Team Xen is familiar with Black Box and Professor Jenner worked with Team Xen it could explain how he survived as well as why he joined Team Xen. Now if this is true it makes me wonder how many more characters are probably Black Box and more importantly would they be counted as Lights for the Light Prophecy or not.
  11. When they said "special" I think they were talking about it being a Regional form not the Physical/Special attack thing.
  12. Nobody is really going to take you seriously until you mention the team you used. Also while there is clear inspiration this game is different then Reborn. Rejuvenation is way more open to you regarding encounters then Reborn. At the same time grinding a whole new team will take less than 10 minutes as opposed to Reborn. I do agree some battles are unnecessarily difficult but this is does not feel one of them.
  13. You most likely missed one. All books should be accesible from start so maybe search once again.
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