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  1. Wait that's a thing? huh... Well now I feel like a jerk for setting it on fire then.
  2. Another thing you can burn the field with your Charizard if it has flame burst or heat wave but use it against the Beware.
  3. Welcome to the forum and if you think Florinia's gym is hard you haven't seen anything yet.
  4. Well welcome back and I hope you enjoy your return here.
  5. Yes I did the gauntlet and I did add in moves to help out with most of their weaknesses as it would be a precaution. Some of the recommendations I will consider as they can be more versatile than any of my main options. Thank you for your opinions and recommendations.
  6. I decided to share the team I have and the Pokémon in rotation on my YouTube Live Stream file and I want honest opinions about it. Some of them I plan on using and some that I barley used but still use them if need be. If you me to add another Pokémon then I'll think about adding cause I got a lot more in the PC. Trainer name: Vero (Default Name) Current Members: Magnus Noidoi MARK Mao Spyro Tear Rin Pokémon that have access to Mega Evolution: Pokémon in rotation: Strife Leon (Yet to be named) (Yet to be named) Gatoraid Wolfy
  7. I had no idea about these events since I just come here to see the updating progress or try and getting a save file fixed or looking for a pokemon/item. While yes I saw the little note on the updated date that something was going on but thought nothing of it. My initial thought okay maybe they're taking a break. I hope Ame gets well and try no to stress yourselves too much into finishing it. Good luck with the rest of your projects.
  8. Take all the time you need to finish the game. Making and updating two games at the same time must feel tiring so don't burn yourselves out.
  9. I just wanted to get that out of my chest. I didn't know that both are acceptable.
  10. He dude this is just a little nitpick on the title but Novelization has a Z not an S.
  11. This has peaked my interest. Especially Cards Against Humanity.
  12. As long as you guy need time to finish it up that's good enough for everyone. Take your time to finish it up.
  13. I tried that but for me I'm still stuck. I can't move, I can't enter the menu. It happened after I beat him and the script wasn't working during dialogue and without thinking I hit yes not knowing what was going to happen and now I'm stuck.
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