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  1. Sorry for the delay @Kunisada. I can trade you one later today, starting around 6pm EST, if you're available at that time or after. EDIT: I have it ready now. Shoot me a PM when you're online
  2. @devilgon I have a few spare of both. Let me know when you're online and I'll trade it over
  3. Just when they least expect it, Zero the random eel pops in and summons Yahen.
  4. Nope sorry. It's a-me! Zero! Now I think Yahen will show up next.
  5. Well, the pattern really does repeat. Let's see if things switch up this time. Will it be Starry to appear next?
  6. Maybe I can, maybe I can't. But by the power of pattern recognition, I hereby summon Yahen again!
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