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  1. Hi Slippery, perfectly happy to trade a mon over holding a moon stone if you'd like? I got one from using the compoundeyes / frisk trick with the Lunatone I found in the grand stairway.
  2. Hi Jan, if we could have a continuation to Paul's quest to fix the milkshake machine I'd be eternally grateful. Top 10 anime betrayals 2018??
  3. Here's just a screen of them in the box - I managed to breed Dragon Dance onto Tyrantrum and he's really stole my heart since I got him, and Mawile with Sheer Force is ok until we get Mega Evolution. Has anyone been abusing Acupressure Drapion? I used Simple Beam Audino to change his Ability and he's got maxed stats a couple of turns later! HM Slaves at the bottom! Long live Beaver and Snail!
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