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  1. Btw, is it just me or the forum is becoming slower the more pages the thread has?
  2. KEK You sure have a lot a courage. It must be hard to moderate a forum that big. And as long as you don't ban people randomly like those on 4chan, it helps to get a healtier atmosphere on the forum :3
  3. I wonder if Ame pays you, if you're doing moderating for fun or if your family is threatened. I feel you! It must be hard to have to deal with people like me ;). Internet is such a dangerous and violent place :3
  4. Oh, well, it doesn't really matter, tho. It would be fun but if it causes bugs, we better stay like that.
  5. What about Stylish skins for the website? If there are people among us with enough skills and time to make several skins, I think it may be fun.
  6. I didn't know that this thread existed and maybe it could be the solution from the problem that stucked me for like ever. There A LOT of different topics on this forum so maybe I was asking in the wrong place until now. I was in tourmaline desert and I used fly after finishing the train puzzle. Couldn't make it to the other side again so I made sidequests and catched new pokemons. When I understood it was a bug, I already made 50 savefiles (I save the game a lot) and couldn't erase my mistake. So I'm kind of stuck in the desert. My game data file is too heavy so I have to upload it on another site: https://ufile.io/g1cup
  7. Still waiting for a patch about the tourmaline desert trains bug, tho.
  8. Why do you guys love Ampharos so much? It's cute but that's all. Absol best pokemon!
  9. > That feel when you used fly after the tourmaline desert puzzle.
  10. Someone stuck in the desert? Does anybody know how to get out of it? EDIT: never mind. I'm so stupid. There are parts you can't cross with a bike. Someone kills me please --'
  11. Well, at least this shows how much people love this game. Btw, I'm checking every day like a fucking maniac, even if I know it won't be out tomorrow or in the week. I think that people should just ask google their fucking question first instead of asking things that are already told. I mean, for example, people love to ask questions about the solution of a puzzle or the location of an item that has already been the subject of countless youtube videos. It's infuriating but people do hate searching things on their own ^^. We don't really care about the release date, as long the E17 is not buggy. So take your time and MAYBE we'll have a much better christmas thanks to the release .
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