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  1. Lancelot finds more of the knights gathering to the lone man. "Shan't we give this man some medicine...?" Lancelot has a vial of dark green liquid. "This isn't poison; it's just one of the side effects happen to be drowsiness, sire."
  2. "Katars. An ancient weapon used in the middle east. They are like wolverine claws, but detachable, if that makes sense." Simon said. Simon readies himself. He puts on his dark instrumental music and makes sure his guns are ready for make this woman pay. Before he leaves, he turns his head and asks: "Dave, am I allowed to go on espionage to see what she's about? I'll text everyone if I learn more."
  3. ((For my previous action)) Simon, staring at Dave trying to guess his next movements, puts the stolen shotgun down and leaves it face down. "You should know... I don't take kindly to people entering my room while I repair my arsenal." Simon said as he went back to work on fixing his old weapons. He managed to fix the gun, shot blind at a steel target, and hit the bull's eye perfectly all while not looking. Simon then received a text from his boss talking about a high profit job he could undertake. Simon simply took his phone and put on his white hoodie with black angel wings, and a pair of white jeans, and of course white vans. He took his newly repaired guns and headed out to the location given... ((For my current action)) Simon walked along the damp hidden alleys of 44th Street, whistling an old Korean song to himself as he saw the bright inviting sign for Lucky Lucius's Cafe. He saw the rest of the group and sneaked in behind them without raising a hint of suspicion. He heard the orc's tantalizing offer for 1,000 nuyen, but something about the deal seemed off. Simon pondered on what that catch might be, but for now, he had to play it by ear. "Alright then..." Simon says with extremely faint vigor. "What's this task that you wish us to do for you?" He asked, trying to get more out of him to possibly expose what his true motive is.
  4. Simon, still repairing his first pistol in which he named Shi which meant death, kept working at breakneck speed to make it look and work as good as new. He heard a muffled voice beyond the door. He picked up the still-bloodied shot gun from the Not-Terminator, and slowly opens the door. He goes through the opening, tackles whoever was near the door, and points gun at his cranial area. "Who goes there..?" Simon said
  5. Simon, weary from the battle, gave Dave the snacks as promised. He suddenly faints in his arms from the traumatic battle that had happened at the convenience store. Simon later woke up in a bedroom. He checked his surroundings and Simon was indeed back at home. Simon lives in an apartment with his "boss" "Straight" Dave. Simon notices that his black and red hoodie had been taken off. Upon closer inspection, he noticed he was patched up as well. "Dave really took care of me, didn't he...?" Simon said to himself. He then started to repair his arms(weapons) for another day of possible combat...
  6. Lancelot, alone with another knight in the topmost chamber, agreed to take the night shift. While the room was dusty and all, Lancelot could see the strange lights coming from the tomb and the sound of ghosts and the smell of undeath was in the air. "Pardon me, but are you sure you rather not take the day shift? The things at night are pretty...dangerous." Lancelot asked the other knight. Suddenly, Lancelot detected saw the light getting brighter, so he lifted(or broke the window), and readied himself to fire at anything that moved or looked funny. Fortunately, nothing from the tomb came close to the gates of Astrakane. Lancelot kept close watch as the night began to fade and the day began to rise...
  7. Simon, now satisfied with the dead Not-Terminator's corpse seemingly lifeless body on the ground, grabs the shotgun from the body. He notices some leftover ammo left in the gun. He hears sirens and the sound of combat boots in the distance. As he heard these seemingly distant noises, Simon procures more snacks and the shotgun and proceeds to climb up a nearby fire escape which lead to a rooftop that made a beautiful skyline. Simon's phone rings and he quickly answers knowing that it was the gang leaders. "Yes, mission complete." He says. He ended the call and headed to a close building with a fire escape to climb down. As the rain began to come down heavily on Simon's hood, he walks off to the base as the night covered him.
  8. Simon goes to the seemingly dead Not-Terminator and points his gun at his head saying one word only a necromancer would say: "Die." Simon goes onto shooting the guy's head more until Simon is entirely sure he was dead. "Rest knowing that your life was but a flicker among a sea of flames." Simon said as he looted him.
  9. Lancelot, seeing the other knights choosing which people get the day shift and who gets the night shift, decides to sign up for the night shift. He sees a few of the other knights trying to forge a friendship to each other. Normally, to introduce one's self was customary for a knight that followed the order, but Lancelot was not one of these. Lancelot took his crossbow and sharpened arrows and headed upstairs to the top of the watchtower. "Dear mother and father..." Lancelot started and closed his eyes. "May my convictions shine through the night and pierce through the heart of darkness like the arrow I hold in my hand this day..." Lancelot said opening his eyes. Lancelot was now ready for anything that came near the watchtower, be it intruder, spectral anomaly, or the royal family who bloodied his own.
  10. Simon coughs as he recovers from the hit given by this tank of a man. "What in the bloody... Nope, nope, nope, this has got to stop..." Simon says with an angry tone in his voice. Simon, who was still disoriented from this hit, called upon the powers of weeb-slaying to at least make a headshot. He says: "O great gun of weeb-slaying, may this shot destroy weebs and this non-weeb. May this shot be infused with my bitter hatred for weebs. Amen." Simon shoots for the man's seemingly human head, hoping he dies from a headshot.
  11. Lancelot, still pondering over his parents' untimely death, reluctantly listened to the speech of the officer. He wondered with even with all those traits of a knight, could someone even stay on this forsaken earth for long? Lancelot walks off with the heavy gear that one of the knights pushed on him. He dragged the accursed load near the entrance of the watchtower. He stops and looks at its overwhelmingly old exterior. "They dare call this a watchtower? A spot of gust, and this accursed building will plummet to the earth as it once was.." Lancelot says laughing at his own snide remark. Lancelot dragged the load into the entrance of the watchtower. Knights, who were weary from travel rested here and some knights planned to drink the night away with a whole barrel of imported Scottish ale. He found a lone table in the corner of the tower's base floor and threw the load in the corner. Lancelot proceeded to sharpen his arrows with a rock and restring his bow. All while remaining a low profile towards the other knights.
  12. "Ugh... This guy is like a cyborg or something...." Simon says wishing he could snipe with a rocket launcher without causing massive property damage. He gathers his thoughts once more and chants an incantation for an inferno bullet. "This should roast him in more ways than one...." Simon readies his shot and attempts to shoot in his stomach where all the stomach acid(or hydrochloric acid) is stored for possible combustion.
  13. Simon luckily dodges the man's kick and proceeds to accurately shoot him where his leg and kneecap meet. Simon gathers his thoughts and runs off into a secluded aisle.
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