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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. Help me please! So I was in Calcenon City and there's a relationship point about hardy I'm not sure how to get this point or is it just that one time that Fern come down, if that's not it then what is it? Another question is that don't battle Taka IS the better choice right? oh and where can you read Titania's school diary.thanks
  3. Thanks, but I'll deal with this myself. Lilligant seems like a pretty good choice too. But I just realized 1 thing, Weavile and Scrafty have almost the same role Example: They both have Ice Punch the difference being Weavile's STAB Crunch=Throat Chop. They're both 80 Base Power and STAB Poison Jab. Both doesn't have STAB The difference between them is Scrafty is bulkier and Weavile is more of a Glass Canon Is it worth having them both or replace Scrafty with Weavile
  4. Oh, I kinda forgot her team, and you rhyperior has the same problem too. I really don't know how to help with pokemon but a rain dance pokemon is the key this kinda sucks but catch in the grass besides the city
  5. most useful pc pokemon is probably swampert, scizor will get OHKO by heat wave and don't have time to setup agility so replace it and remove typhlosion for poliwhirl and rhyperior, 'cuz you gonna use rain dance and replace metagross with water/rock/ground (most preferably water
  6. What about pokemon in your PC. What is your team and their moveset? Do you have a Link Stone, catch a boldore and evolve it, yeah it's kind of wasteful. Krookodile with Moxie and earthquake + Tailwind is best strategy
  7. Nope, you must make do with your pokemon or go catch a Donphan What's your pokemon in the PC?
  8. Magneton (Analytical) : Thunder Wave, Discharge, Flash Canon, Magnet Rise Typhlosion (Blaze) : Swift, Inferno, Extrasensory, Flamethrower Swampert (Torrent) : Rock Slide, Earthquake, Muddy Water, Counter Crobat (Inner Focus) : Toxic, Brave Bird, Leech Life (I know U-Turn is not available yet but if it is, should i replace Leech Life?), Cross Poison Scrafty (Moxie) : Poison Jab, Crunch, Ice Punch, High Jump Kick Sceptile (Overgrow) : X-Scissors, Quick Attack, Leaf Blade, Giga Drain And just to make sure Meowstic (Prankster) : Light Screen, Reflect, Fake Out, Psychic Roserade (Poison Point): Petal Dance, Giga Drain, Toxic, Toxic Spikes _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've never used it before, I think Levanny is okay when it comes to stat and movepool, it's pretty strong if it can pull off a Swords Dance but it doesn't have U-Turn, so it's screw when face with a fire/flying type Pokemon. I don't think it's bad but just not sure about it As for Heracross, I was hesitating about it because I already have a fighting type. And for Weavile, I'm not sure why did I forgot about it, I like Weavile but I've never used it. It has a lot of weakness, but it's fast so unlike Levanny can hit the faster Pokemon, and Ice type is always a good attacking type so Reborn doesn't have Gen 7 move tutor yet? Is this moveset okay? Brick Break Throat Chop (how can I breed it, I have no Incineroar) Ice Punch Aerial Ace ( or should I go with Poison Jab? ) Pressure or Pickpocket? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm not sure, because I already have a steel type I think I'm starting to like Lilligant and for the meowstic suggestion I don't think it can learn move that makes opponent sleep, and do we have access to thunder wave tm yet? Of course, you don't got to be the Pokemon Champion without knowing how to spam full restore
  9. Sorry if it was confusing, but what I meant was that scrafty and crobat are the ones in my team, they take the the place of roserade and meowstic
  10. I'm not sure if i should pick Klefki or Aggron, klefki is annoying (good) but we all know that it isn't design to use play rough and I don't know how to use an Aggron please teach me
  11. No thanks, I used it on my first playthrough, I don't feel like using it
  12. Gardevoir is only available after beating ciel, I tried getting it before and ask about it too, I don't want to go back to older reborn or breed a new one with my OG save because I've already used it in my 1st playthrough, sorry for being picky.
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