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  1. Keeping boss fights unrandomised is a really interesting idea and an elegant solution to many of the problems inherent in randomisers. However, for me at least, seeing the crazy combinations on opposing trainers' teams (especially in boss fights) is the best part. Overall, I think people just need to moderate their expectations about what a randomiser can deliver in terms of satisfying gameplay. It's less an equally viable game mode and more just a neat little side-project that's fun in small doses. Of course, there are ways to create a more structured Pokemon randomiser that affects everything while still retaining the feel of the original game, but that requires a LOT more work. From my own experience messing with randomising software I know that it's really hard to get the balance right. In other news, I'm up to the Move Reminder and hoo boy is it wild: Also I still don't quite understand how Doom Desire works. I reported before that it's shuffled to Fusion Flare on my file and lands two turns after it's used, as expected. For some Pokemon, though, it seems to just deal Steel-type damage immediately, like a regular attack.
  2. I’m having a lot of fun with this! I like how the 1-to-1 mapping system retains some of the puzzle-like features of battles in standard Reborn. It’s fun when you start to notice patterns and figure out which moves have shifted where (I’ve had a few neat early-game ones, such as Harden —> Shell Smash, Tackle—> Lunar Dance and Leer —> Frenzy Plant). It also has the neat side-effect of giving each Gym Leader a new signature move, which is super cool and something that usually gets obliterated in ROM randomisers. For those who haven’t figured out the TM system yet, it works as follows: -TM moves have been randomised, but they retain their original names in the menu, up until you start teaching one to a compatible Pokémon -compatibility is based on the original compatibility of the unrandomised move, e.g. I bought TM45 (Attract in the original game) from the Onyx Arcade and all my non-genderless Pokémon could learn it, even though it actually taught Iron Defense. Couple of little things I thought I’d mention: -my Typhlosion learned Hyperspace Fury, but it couldn’t use the move, presumably because it’s normally locked to Hoopa. It’d probably make sense to remove this feature when a game is randomised. -the Doom Desire thing that other people have mentioned is just funny and I love it. I had an opponent use it and it called Fusion Flare when the attack actually landed.
  3. really looking forward to trying this out! Edit:
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