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  1. Um, is custom sprite posting allowed on this thread?
  2. Hello! I tried to do the ancient library set of quests and I completed the first without any issues. Then, I went at Sheridan's help center to complete the second part and the board said that this quest is already completed. But I never actually did that one, and now as a consequence it will not allow me access to the third part. Is there any way to fix it? EDIT: Please ignore this post. I fixed the issue by switching temporarily to V6.
  3. Cain is portrayed as cool and confident when he uses nidoking to beat either meteor or sigmund. And I wanted to draw him with his signature pokemon, so I couldn't help going for the side-to-side badasses pose. Thank you for liking my fanart The waste is always watching...
  4. That mini Charlotte has an adorable smile. And I like the sketchy lineart in the Taka fanart a lot. This thread got nice stuff. I finished a Cain fanart I was working with for a few days. I wanted to draw more of the wasteland in the background since it's my favorite place in reborn, but good composition and perspective requires loads and loads of patience. I also promised to a friend to post a few random older fanarts. Pokemon-related but not reborn http://vagelio.tumblr.com/post/77549643159/praise-the-helix http://img03.deviantart.net/5653/i/2013/052/9/6/bug_catcher_by_nidoqueen4ever-d5vr6xo.jpg
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